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travels refreshes the mind,
expands it in so many ways... created on April 7, 2021, to introduce, publish and share unpopular, underrated unknown, and new places for holidays and adventures. A site dedicated to people who dare discovering, exploring and seeking new adventure, new thrills in detested points but with incomparable description. by Don Banaria explores the many hidden sights of Saudi Arabia. V

This is a platform to bring out the culture and traditions of small communities, product items produced indigenously by the marginal neighborhoods.


To give space to the humble spots to stand, shine up and be recognized by their unique qualities that sometimes require courage and the will try to get there.


But this is not limited to places and sights only for as long as we see the distinction of fun and excitement, sports, festivities, shows, we will share it with you here.


This website aims to expand the objective of my Facebook Page, DON Public Videos (DPV). The 3-letter initial of Don Public Videos likewise stands for Discover Publish & Visits, which means I shall discover and introduce new places and publish them for everyone to visit.

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