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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Visiting Al Ahsa province should always include visiting the historic landmark of Qaisariyah Market (Suoq Al Qaisariyah), a 200-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site-listed market. Located in the district of Al Rafa’ah, Hofuf City.

According to information, the building of the market started during the period of the Ottoman empire. World heritage landmark gives exceptional pride to the country, and the people are the reason for the Tourism Ministry of Saudi Arabia and the province of Al Ahsa exerting their best efforts to maintain and preserve this old market because of its significant roles in the history of the Kingdom.

I have heard lots of great information about Qaisariyah Market in Hofuf City, so my trip to Al Ahsa put this landmark on top of my list of places to visit. So my visit was to see the site for myself; however, the visit turned out to be witnessing a magnificent structure that stands through the tests, changes, and challenges of the times.

It has gone several repairs, but each time of work was made sure not to destroy the original face of the market, a way to keep looking at the past in the strides of tomorrow.

Qaisariyah market may be the oldest market, but it has so far kept the pace of the tight competition with the sprouting new and modern markets and shopping malls in the City. Qaisariyah market remains a one-stop-shop for all your household needs, including souvenirs, handicrafts, gifts, fashion, jewelry, and agriculture supplies and materials.

Distinctive Description

  • The historical design of stalls and shops

  • Self-ventilated path walks and passages in between shops

  • It has a park inside the market perimeter

Items You Can Find

  • Locally made and imported handicrafts products.

  • Garments (Traditional and modern dresses and outfits)

  • Leather Jackets

  • Blankets & Bed Sheets

  • Pieces of jewelry and accessories

  • Food items from processed to fresh commodities

  • Souvenir and gift items

  • Eateries and food shops


  • Conveniently located right at the heart of the City

  • With parking spaces

Parking Area

  • Parking areas are open to the public, but it’s not free. You need to pay the parking at the parking booth machines upon parking at the cost of SR2.00 per hour.

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I was appalled by the information about the World Heritage Site Market of Qaisariyah in Hofuf City, Al Ahsa, and more I was awed when I saw the park inside it. It was perfectly calm and eye refreshing to look at the grown-up trees shading the driveway.

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