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Al Ekreshiya Lake is the biggest middle-desert lake in Riyadh province of Saudi Arabia

Al Ekreshiya Lake is among the many surprises in the northern part of Riyadh Province. Those who have not been to this part of Riyadh would surely get awed upon discovering this vast water in the middle of sprawling desert mountains and valleys.

to embrace the surroundings.

It has located 180 km from the city center of Riyadh. Coming to this lake is a relish for multiple treats of nature, thrills, and creations. You can enjoy several activities other than appreciating its promenade as it is close to other spots for desert adventure. It is a perfect place for sunset worshippers to enjoy the romantic and scenic spectacles from the west as the sun slowly slides its way to hide, giving way for the night sky to embrace the surroundings.

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Al Ekreshiya Lake is a rain-fed lake in Al Qasab; the more frequent and the stronger the rains, the wider the lake has become.

A visit to Al Ekreshiya Lake could also be a side trip or a final destination on your Northern

Riyadh Adventure escapade because there are other nature and historical attractions to pay a visit:

  1. Maghatya Trail

  2. Marghab Al Rughabah (Rughabah Watch Tower)

  3. Rughabah Ancient Mud Houses

  4. Qasab Salt Land

  5. Prodan Lake

Activities You Can Do

  • Lakeside picnic

  • Sunset watching

  • Dunes Driving

Facilities and Spots Nearby

  • Qasab Dunes

  • Wildlife & Safari Park

  • Qasab Equestrian Track

Road Condition

  • Excellent road condition

Road Map

  • Visitors from the central to the north Riyadh City areas should pass through Huraymila & Al Thadiq.

  • For visitors from the south of Riyadh City and the southern part of Riyadh Province, the easier and closer way is to pass through the Village of Durmah to Shaqra.

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Quick Facts:

Name of the Place: AL EKRESHIYA LAKE

Location: Al Qasab Village, Shaqra, Riyadh Province

Saudi Arabia

Distance: 180 km (from Riyadh City)

2 hours drive


Mr. Alwaleed Al Eisa

Mr. Abdullah Al Eisa

Ghamra Adventures, SA

Mobile: +955 55 501 9341

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