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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

A Natural pool of rain waters home to red tadpoles. Its location is two (2) kilometers south of Al Hyt Cave, Al Hyt (Heet) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is a series of pools to the top of the mountain with three stages. Each stage has a natural pool and cliff wall, but the red tadpoles are found only in the first stage, the biggest of all the pools.

Coming to this pool is passing through scenic sights of the picnic and camping area of the public park. You will also experience the light thrill of a climbing cliff if you opt to pass through the riverbed, where at the end, you need to scale up the humped wall of the dry waterfall rock. Or, in case you do not wish to do so, you need to walk the ramp to the right at the start point of the dry river walk, and you will end up at the pool where the red tadpoles are.

As you walk in the dry riverbed, the magnificent formation of rocks to the left and right side will catch your attention until you find that you are already at the natural pool.

The picnic and camping area in this part is well maintained, clean and orderly.

The second and 3rd stages of the series had more scenic sights as they revealed the picturesque of the Al Heet area, the valley down, and the plateau of the Heet mountain range.

Here the chances of getting an encounter with the wild baboons are high. The baboons roaming in this area are the same baboon you interact with within Dahl Hyt Point.

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How To Climb To The Upper Levels

Walk on the dry riverbed to the first pool, climb the hill slope to the left side, and follow the trail to the upper side of the first pool. You might find looking down the waterhole and dry riverbed giddy if you fear heights. Do not stand closer to the edge; back off momentarily and stabilize your pulse without trembling and shaking. You start already seeing the place in a magnificent vista at this stage.

Go back in and follow the trail you see to the left side again, going to the 2nd level. Reaching the 2nd level and standing on the edge of the cliff wall looking down the first pool will likewise make you giddy. Do not push yourself looking down for your safety if you think you cannot handle the height.

A few distances from the cliff wall, you will have another pool beside the cliff; that’s the 2nd pool beside another cliff wall. This wall is way shorter than the first one, impressive, though.

Find the trails that will advance you to the 3rd level and top of the mountain again. In the 3rd level, you will find another pool, big and smaller but deeper one in a deep hole.

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How to Get Here

  1. From the city center of Riyadh, drive your way to Al Heet Cave

  2. From Al Heet Cave, drive southward, passing through the picnic and camping area under the grown-up trees afoot the hill.

  3. Continue trailing the driving track that will lead you to the parking area beside the drive riverbed

  4. Walk through the dry riverbed from the parking area until you reach the first pool.

What to Expect

  1. Rough road

  2. Driving a 4x4 car is an advantage. Sedan type could be possible, but you need to move slowly, avoiding deeper terrain cuts.

  3. Amiable place but without any concrete support facilities like water supply for washing and comfort rooms for personal comfort, especially for the ladies.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Desert adventure

  2. Picnic

  3. Hiking

  4. Overnight camping

  5. Sightseeing

  6. Trekking adventure

Things To Bring

  1. Car gasoline should be enough for the going and return ways.

  2. Adequate foodstuffs

  3. Drinking waters.

  4. Flashlights for overnight camping

  5. Lantern Lights

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