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Updated: Aug 20, 2022

A place for multiple hits in one pitch describes Al Hyt (Al Heet/Al Hit) as a suited description I could make because there are plenty of spots to visit and some activities to do to enjoy the break all in one place. The rock formations, trenches, caves, mountains of fantastic sights, and parks where you can explore and do relaxed nature communing activities. The site is accessible, easy to reach close to the city side, and only a Forty-minute drive from the city center.

Al Hyt is considered one of the favorite local tourist destinations in Riyadh. Every weekend, groups of people come to Al Hyt to see the cave and enjoy outdoor activities while on break from work. However, most are coming here only to see the cave, to try trekking down and up its rocky slope to the base and back to the surface, and to personally witness its unique feature of having a water spring on its cave floor.

They do not know about the other areas and attractions to see in the nearby areas, so let me introduce the other points you should consider to maximize your visit and enjoy plenty of experiences in one trip, one hit in one place.

Quick Facts

Place: Al Hyt

Distance from The City Center: 48 km, 41-minute drive

Activities Available: Nature Adventures




Off-road Driving.

Points to visit:

  1. Al Hyt Cave

  2. Al Hyt Gulley

  3. Red Tadpole Lake

  4. Picnic and Camping Parks


The unique feature of this cave is that it is an underground cave with a natural spring pool inside. You have to scale down the more or less 75-meter rocky slope to get to the natural water spring pool, the base of the cave. Al Hyt is popularly known for this cave and draws curiosity for the people to visit.

Besides the cave, climbing the hill on top of the cave is another exciting activity. You have the chance to view the surrounding and adjacent area in a panoramic vista, not to mention the health benefits that mountain climb exercise could give.

The sceneries one can witness are seldom shown in social media uploads because only a few visitors bother to climb the top of the mountain. Because unknown to most people what the place looks like when you are on top of the hill.

It may be tiring, but the cold wind blows on your way, and upon reaching the top, it will surely reward you with an ecstatic sensation of having to stand in an omniscient position.


A Natural pool of rain waters home to red tadpoles. Its location is two (2) kilometers south of Al Hyt Cave. It is a series of pools to the top of the mountain with 3 stages. Each stage has a natural pool and cliff wall, but the red tadpoles are found only in the first stage, the biggest pool. However, the Red Tadpoles are only found in the first pool, down the tallest cliff wall.

Coming to this pool is passing through scenic sights of the picnic and camping area of the public park. You will also experience the light thrill of a climbing cliff if you opt to pass through the riverbed, where at the end, you need to scale up the humped wall of the dry waterfall rock. Or, in case you do not wish to do so, you need to walk the ramp to the right at the start point of the dry river walk, and you will end up at the pool where the red tadpoles are.

See more about the Pool of the Red Tadpoles here: AL HEET (HYT) POOL WITH RED TADPOLES (


Picnic and camping parks are common in Saudi Arabia; however, here in Al Hyt, you have other activities to do on your camping or picnic day. You can access several points to explore as additional recreation and physical exercise.

You can do mountain climbing, spelunking, and other remarkable mountain adventures during the day and settle down the valley at night for overnight camping.

If you want to spice up your camping further, you can move to the top of the hills for your overnight stay and catch the first light of the day during sunrise.

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Get bewildered by walking between rock walls in a narrow and deep passage before getting to the labyrinth-like space while listening to the singing, chirping, and squeaking wild birds! Eager to go for a simple and cool natural rock tunnel, trench, and gulley walking experience, this point in Al Hyt fits and is recommended.

Easy, reachable, and accessible because the location is right beside the residential area of the Al Hyt community. As an additional list in your itinerary to your visit to Al Hyt Cave, the is possible without too many hassles, strenuous preparations, and long travel requirements.

Experience a rousing relief to the unforgettable journey without hurting pockets, squandering budget, the fear of getting lost along the way, including the danger of running out of gasoline in your car since the place is within the city backyards.

Al Hyt Gulley is not the official name of this point. The author only used this name for referencing because it has no official name.

What to Expect

  1. Rough off-road drive from the Al Hyt Proper

  2. No concrete structure of support facilities like toilet

  3. No Water supply

  4. Chance to see bats flying inside the trench and the labyrinth

  5. Encounter with wild baboons (rarely)

  6. Wild birds sing

What to Bring

  1. High clearance car

  2. 4X4 wheel drive car is an advantage

  3. Drinking water

  4. Finger food snacks or heavy meals if you want to stay for the whole day

  5. Outdoor cooking stuff

  6. Tent

  7. Extra tent for the personal comfort of the ladies since no toilet is available in the area.

  8. Lightings


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