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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Khobar Sea Front is one of the most popular seaside parks in the eastern province. A visitor could enjoy coming to Al Khobar. It has all the promenade outdoor support amenities, biking, and jogging lanes, benches, and a playground park for kids. There are also coffee shops and restaurants in the nearby area to answer the call of stomachs while for the visitors to linger longer in enjoying their stay in the place.

No wonder why people are flocking to this area during weekends and even weekdays as the working period ends.

The Khobar Sea Front, Khobar Corniche, and New Corniche are connected to one another. Developed and designed to cater to the public needs of a place that will give them huge space to breathe, unwind, and release stress. Joggers, walkers, bikers and enjoy the vast area of fitness and relaxing arena by the seaside

By brief visit worth for a repeat, though I did nothing but to shoot for a video, however, it was such an impressive place perfect for promenade therapy. The problem, however, is you need to ride a car coming to this place if you live or stay on the opposite side because it is extremely dangerous to cross the highway, especially during peak hours. No pedestrian bridge is available to cross from one side to the other side.

In my case, I was able to cross the highway during my visit, because it was early morning. But on my way back to the apartment I am staying in behind Al Mana General Hospital, I had to ride a taxi because the traffic volume has made the road busier and faster.

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What to Expect

  • Beautiful sights

  • Breathing fresh sea air

  • Relaxing ambiance

  • Difficulty in crossing the highway by the absence of a pedestrian bridge.

Quick Facts

Name: Khobar Sea Front

Location: Al Kurnish, Al Khobar City

Classification: Public Park – Bayside, Seaside

Amenities: Biking, Jogging, walking lanes, park benches,

and fishing shore slope.

Support Amenities: Coffee shops and fast food establishments

Activities: Biking, Jogging, walking, and other fitness activities. Bay viewing, sunrise, and sundown watching.

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