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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Situated at a higher altitude with an elevation of 2300 meters above sea level makes this farm and perfume factory and travel destination unique. Undoubtedly, for those who would like to spend the holiday break in a secluded place, Maharath Al Warood Perfume Factory & Farm suits your taste.

The lodging accommodation facility offers you a chance to wake up each morning greeted by the blooms in the mountain and rest the day with the fragrance of roses at night.

The wind blows from the mountain ridges, and the birds sound a trip genuinely back to the communion of the touch of the nature of tranquility.

The remarkable experience I had visiting this farm was a surprise. Because before my trip to Taif City, I asked Mr. Ahmad Aljuaed of Rich Experience Travel to bring me to any flowers, fruits, or vegetable farms, which he assured me. During my trip to Shafa Mountain Range with the guide, Mr. Abdulaziz Aljuaed, I was expecting just a farm to get some farming ideas to share with my followers and subscribers. But when he started accelerating the car engine climbing to the mountain top, I realized that what I am visiting is not simply a farm, a travel destination instead.

Our drive coming to this place alone was already filled with incredible experiences seeing the spectacular sights of the places we were passing by.

You need to inquire from the farm owner about the seasons of blooming and harvest period of rose flowers so that you end up finding yourself in the middle of the blooms. Definitely, this place is worth visiting.

What to Expect

1. Purchase perfume products available at

a factory price cost.

2. Be in the field of blooming flowers during the harvest period and smell its

fragrance (March-May).

3. Taste the chemical-free fresh fruit right

from the trees during harvest seasons

(June – September)

4. Feel the mind-calming and spirit-lifting

wind blows at the speed of 50 – 100 kph

5. Get mesmerized by the sight of blue and

green mountain ridges around the area.

6. Wake up with the birds chirping around

just outside your rooms.

7. Walk in the field with the morning mists that fogs created during nighttime.

8. Sleep with country comfort on the

lodging facilities atop the hills.

9. Learn the process of rose perfume processing

Location & Travel Time

This is located at Wadi Maharath, Shafa Mountain Range, Taif. The distance from the city center is 41 km with 41 minutes of safe driving speed.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Farm tour during the daytime

  2. Sightseeing

  3. Trekking

  4. Camping at Night

Facilities Available

  1. Lodging houses

  2. Viewing Deck at the Processing Area

What to Bring and Prepare

  1. Foodstuffs are enough to consume for the whole duration of stay. The place is far from the city, no shops available near the site, so ensure that you have the essential commodities and necessities.

  2. Enough gas fuel. Make sure to fill your gas tank with fuel to last for the rides, especially if you intend to roam around the mountain park before settling here at Maharath Al Warood factory. Because no gas station near the place.

Lodging Price

  • 2-bedroom Villa @ 1000 Riyals per night

  • 3-bedroom Apartment @ 1500 Riyals per night

Is there a limit for the number of persons in each of the lodging facilities rented? According to them, NO, but for those excesses in the bed capacity, you have to have your sleeping items. The available sleeping items are only for the number of beds provided in each villa. This is a budget accommodation, safe and comfortable, but you need to shoulder the extra things required more than the standard number of pax catered for each room.

For the small groups running on a budget cost, this is excellent.

Security & Safety

The place is safe and secured. Staff are attending to the guests.


  • Road Network

Road conditions are good, asphalted, and cemented.

  • Telecommunication – Mobile Phones & Internet.

Honestly, I did not try using my mobile when I was here; however, there is a cellular phone tower just beside the farm, STC so for the sure signal is not a problem. But there are dead spots along the way in the entire area of the Shafa mountain range. Such a case is typical to any mountain and far-flung places in my experience. It depends only on the location. If you happened to be near the service provider’s tower of the telecom network you are subscribed to, the signal is never a problem. But if not, you need to find a position where your gadget can catch the signal.

  • Gas Station

No gas station near. So, make sure to fuel your car before coming to this area. On a mountainside like this, we cannot expect that to have here.

  • Convenience Store

No mini-store or convenience store deep inside the mountain place. Make sure you have enough water and foodstuffs enough for the whole duration of the visits.

Getting Lost the Direction

It is pretty tricky when you get lost your way in the middle of this mountain place. Villages and house intervals are far, and only very few are passing the road. It is essential to know the primary Arabic language because the people you might get into for the direction do not know English. But this problem is just a fraction of the benefits you will get in coming to this beautiful place.

More Images:


To avoid getting lost and maximize the time and easily moving from one place to another, getting a local guide is what I always suggest. But this problem is just a fraction of the benefits you will get in coming to this beautiful place.

For your guide, I recommend connecting with this travel outfit:


Guides: Abdulaziz Aljuaed

Mobile: +966 50 122 6668

Ahmed Aljuaed

Mobile: +966 50 426 5634

Or you may directly connect with the Maharath Al Warood Perfume factory & Farm on this number:

Mr. Abdullah AlTalhi


Mobile: 0505702505

Mr. Awwadh Altalhi

Farm Administrator/Public Relations Officer

Mobile: 0505903657

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