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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Wilderness by the edge of the city is best describes the Al Uraidh picnic, camping, and hiking valley in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It has resplendent sceneries unnoticed by many, but the magnetic aura is unignorable once your eyes see it. The formation of mountain ridges, the cliffs and the valley adorned with the greenery of the desert trees are what make those people who have come to the place keep coming back.

All you need is to exert a bit of effort to scale up the hill shoulder to behold the real exquisiteness the place has to show. While climbing your ears are soothed by the sound of the wild birds sing and the breezes that touch your body and whisper to the ears.

Just 34 minutes drive from the city center of Riyadh and just 14 minutes away from the Dirab center, the closest city commercial place to the location.


  1. Shaib Luha Pools (1 & 2)

  2. Desert valley green scenery

Activities You Can Do:

  1. Picnic & Overnight Camping

  2. Off-road driving

  3. Hiking and climbing

  4. Sightseeing

How To Find The Hidden Pools of Shaib Luha:

  • On your arrival, follow the dry riverbed by driving straight ahead, not turning to the left or the right gulley you see in the area. If you are driving a 4-wheel-drive car there is a possibility that you bring it to the first pool. If you're driving a non-4-wheel-drive car drive up to the point you think your car could go, park it to the last point and take a very short walk.

  • Behind the First pool, you will see a cliff wall, you can climb to the top by creeping to the side of it. It’s climbable. Or climb the sideways, which is a bit longer in case you are afraid of creeping on the cliff.

  • Once you get to the top of the cliff wall by the first pool, continue walking on the dry riverbed, and you will end up at the dead point where the 2nd pool is located.

  • Upon reaching the top of the cliff wall by the 1st pool, enjoy the scenic view of the valley from the entry point up to the poolside.

How To Get To The Al Uraidh Picnic And Camping Valley:

  • From the city center, drive heading towards Dirab Road.

  • Continue driving until you pass through the Security Check Point.

  • Be watchful of the road to the left, Road 5399, the first road from the checkpoint on the rolling down part of the road. You will turn left and drive down to the Al Waslah park. Just continue driving from Dirab road; it’s 7 kilometers.

For easy direction, please copy this coordinate and paste it on the search tab to give you the direction:

Location: 24°25'57.0"N 46°41'00.5"E

Car Requirements:

  1. 4-Wheel-Drive is advantage

  2. Non-4-wheel drive with high clearance.

  3. Sedan type is also possible, but you need to park it at the entry point. Then walk for about 20 minutes, hiking walk only to the 1st pool.

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