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Updated: Apr 5, 2023

A 1500-year-old native tribe - built ancient heritage city, north of Riyadh

Traveling back to the time of the early settlement by the people in the old Najid region, the way the village settled, the society organized, and the introduction of education remains possible even up to this modern day, the moment you pay a visit to the Al Ushaiqer Heritage Village.

More than 1500 years ago, the native Bedouins found a place suited for settlement with the availability of the essential basic needs of the people to live; water for the residents, animals, and plants, which are the source of their food supply. They established a school to cater to the basic education needs of the children in the village.

In the early days, Al Ushaiqer village played a significant point for travelers from the northern to the southern and southwestern parts of Saudi Arabia, and vice-versa. It eventually became a stopping point for resting, feeding, and drenching. It is known to have been the oasis point of the long journey for trading and religious pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah.

Now, the Al Ushaiqer Heritage Village stands among the pillars and landmarks of the cultural and heritage history of the country. The craftsmanship and the architectural and old days engineering skills of the villagers are displayed through the iconic designs of the structures, which have become an identity of the structural ingenuity of the people in this region and the rest of Saudi Arabia.

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They could construct houses 1, 2, or even up to 3 levels using mud, straws, wood, and leaves. The narrow alleyways between blocks of homes and the wall division between houses only display the closeness of the villagers among themselves as a community.

Here, some mud houses were maintained, while others underwent restoration using cement and steel to strengthen the structure, but the iconic designs needed to be more balanced. Some houses still bear the owner's name or the people who once lived t. Today, the government gears to preserving the structures and ruins to maintain their historical significance and values.

There are old houses turned now into an accommodation facilities. To those who want to stay overnight and experience the warm hospitality in an ancient setting, sleeping in a mud-structure building can have the opportunity.

Al Ushaiger Heritage Village is 200 km on the northwestern side of Riyadh province from the city center of Riyadh city.

Things You Should Not Miss Seeing

  1. Traditional Water Wells

  2. 1st Ushaiqer School

  3. Museum

Dining Place

  • There is only one small eatery inside the Heritage Village and no other dining place nearby.

  • The eatery is open until 1:00 PM only. You need to be at the eatery before it closes.

  • It’s a self-service semi-buffet eatery.

  • After paying for the food at the counter, you need to find your own space to settle and eat.

Odd Thing about the Eatery

  • The cost of the foods you put on your plate is weighed at the paying counter.

  • You pay according to the weight of the foods you put on your plate.

  • It is best to bring your food packs

Road Condition

  • The road condition from Riyadh City to the heritage village is excellent

  • You can bring any car

Things To Bring

  • Food packs/ snacks

  • Water and drinks

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