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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Berry Park and the Camel Trail, Riyadh are all in one place and the best alternate destinations to the Edge of The World. The sights and the landscapes are equally exhilarating, and the advantages of this place are; it is close to the city, easily accessible by any car, small car or big cars with a lot shorter rough road drive to reach the place.

Quick Facts

Location: Al Moqbel Palaces

Tuwaiq Mountain, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Distance from

The City Center: 57 Km, 50 minute-drive

Distance from the

Main Hi-way: 3 km dirt road drive

What to Expect

  • Dirt road but accessible by any car

  • Fantastic views around the place

  • Moderate to strong wind velocity

  • Good parking space at the Camel Trail viewing area

  • No comfort room facilities. The place is still under development.

The road condition going to the Berry Park and Camel Trail (right)


  • Sightseeing

  • Sunrise and sunset watching

  • Picnic

  • Overnight camping

  • Trekking & hiking

- Trek down and up to the camel trail


  • Accessible by any car

  • With excellent mobile & internet signal

Essential Things to Bring

  • Foodstuff

  • Water & other drinks as you may wish

  • Camping tents for overnight camping

  • Flashlights & lanterns for overnight camping

There is no supermarket close to the site, so ensure all the essential items you need for your camping and picnic.

Best Time to Come

  • During summers, early morning & late afternoon

  • During winters, anytime

More Images

The Berry Park and Camel Trail at daytime

Below is the direction going to the place.

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