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Updated: May 3, 2023

Resort inside the rainforest at 1800 feet above sea level

Nestled on the shoulder slope of Mount Isarog at 1800 feet above sea level. The Consocep Mountain Resort gained its fame being a nature resort inside the rainforest in one of the wildlife frontiers in the Bicol Region of the Philippines.

The sounds of the forest fill the ears right after stepping the first stride inside the resort; the hisses of the cicadas, the squeaking, twitting, and singing of the birds inside the forest, and the rushing sounds of the water, flowing, dropping and cascading in the waterfalls are sure to make your hairs sway as your spirit is lifted by the adrenalin rushing through your veins.

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Visiting Consocep Mountain Resort could be the leading destination of your mountain trip to Mt. Isarog slope because you can take a side trip to the Camarines Sur Deer Farm in Sta Cruz, Ocampo, and experience interact with the ruse deers. You can do sightseeing to enjoy the fantastic sights the mountains and valleys surrounding Mount Isarog give the visitors.

The Provincial Government of Camarines Sur, Philippines, under the Provincial Tourism Office, operates Consocep Mountain Resort. The resort is open to the public every day without an entrance fee charge. The visitors only need to register at the park gate attendant to record their presence.

How To Get Here:

  1. From Naga City, drive or ride to Hanawan, Ocampo, Camarines Sur.

  2. Upon reaching the Hanawan barangay proper, take the left turn road to Consocep. Ask the residents around the place, and they will tell you the direction.

  3. Continue driving on a winding road until you reach a resort called SMDP. Stop there and ask where you can park your car and ask them where the entrance path to the Consocep park is.

  4. You will start the trek inside the forest resort from the gate.


  1. Tumagiti Falls

  2. Kawa-kawa Falls

  3. Bulalakaw Falls

Tumagiti Falls

Tumagiti’s name is taken from a local term for a light rain shower, “tagiti.” As the water falls from the top forms, sprinkled-like water drops near the falls like “tagiti”. As this is experienced if you were standing close to the falls, this made the locals call the falls “Tumagiti.”

Kawa-kawa Falls/Pool

The name Kawa-kawa is taken from the crater formations on the solid rock where the water is flowing and stuck enough to make one dip into to take a bath or swim.

Kawa is a local term/name for a gigantic frying pan used in the early days of cooking to feed many people on special occasions. Kawa-kawa means, looking like kawa.

Here, at the lower part, you can do the swimming in the icy cold water, while at the upper portion above the water, sliding on the rock, you can take a dip into the smaller kawa-like rock formation, lean on the rock and feel like getting a massage on your back.

Bulalakaw Falls

Bulalakaw Falls is the 3rd spot at the Consocep Mountain resort that you should visit to complete your hike inside the rainforest resort.

Its name Bulalakaw means “shooting star.”

The cascading water from the top of the falls’ rockwall twinkles and creates a shooting star-spark-like as it glides down to the earth’s surface from the sky.

Now, all these three points inside the Consocep Resort must all get visited to make the visit worth the effort and the time exerted.

For the first timers at Consocep Mountain Resort, to make sure that you visit all three significant spots, Tumagiti Falls, Kawa-kawa Pool, and Bulalakaw Falls, here is the direction that you should go through:

  1. Upon entering the gate/passing through the gate attendant, follow the pathway straight ahead. Never take any right turn going down. It will lead you to Tumagiti Falls. Once you reach Tumagiti, cross the stream passing through the boulder stones.

  2. Upon crossing, you will see the pathway to the right side; follow it, and it will lead you down to Kawa-kawa Pool.

  3. Cross the stream again to get to the other side.

  4. Upon reaching the veranda and rest area on the other side, you will see another pathway to the left side (if you are facing the ravine going up).

  5. Follow that pathway straight ahead without making any left or right turn again. Keep going until you reach the ladder steps in an almost vertical downward position, where you hear the loud sound of the cascading waterfalls. That’s the Bulalakaw Falls.

  6. Return to the same pathway on your way back until you reach the Kawa-kawa Pool again.

  7. Do not cross back the stream. You will see to your left side a ladder steps pathway going up; follow that pathway, and it will bring you up to the same path you passed when you entered the Consocep Gate.

  8. Upon reaching the main pathway, take the left turn, and that’s it; you are back at the entrance.

What To Expect

  1. Icy Cold stream water flowing and cascading on the waterfalls and stream

  2. Dense forest resort

  3. Encounter wild animals, like snakes, lizards, birds, and others

  4. Rocky terrain

  5. Deep gulley slope of the mountain to walk through

  6. Crystal-clear water

Challenges To Overcome

  1. Scaling up the more or less 250 ladder steps back to the entrance area

  2. Crossing the stream through the wet and slippery rock

  3. Taking a shower at the icy-cold waterfalls

  4. Scaling down the 45 degrees of vertical rock angle to the swimming basin of Bulalakaw Falls

Activities You Can Do

  1. Shower in the two waterfalls

  2. Swimming

  3. Hiking

  4. Sightseeing

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