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Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Dora Stable Al Awsat is a farm, park, and stable located in the golden valley of Al Awsat, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A perfect country escapade for off-road mountain drives, farm adventure, and desert trips. It is a private park, farm, and stable but open to private groups or individuals with prior arrangement and scheduling.

Less than an hour’s drive from the city center of Riyadh will bring you away from the hustle-bustle of the city to the tranquil place. Here, all you could have are:

  • The smell of country air.

  • The soft wind of the desert.

  • The sparkling lining of the mountain ridges around you.

  • The sound of the gentle wilderness that the wild birds bring as they sing and fly around.

  • Interaction with the lambs inside the paddocks

  • Interaction with the horses inside the stable (No riding)

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The stable is open to the public for rental. Renting the facility gives you or your group the exclusivity of using the facilities they have and the entire area will be closed only to the renter.

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Rental packages are:

  1. Whole day occupancy

  2. Overnight occupancy

Facilities available

  1. Airconditioned Tents

  2. Bedroom

  3. Dining Tent

  4. Kitchen

  5. Comfort Rooms

  6. Shower Room


  1. Accessible by any type of car

  2. Mobile phone and internet signal are both available( but some networks, may not be on a full bars scale.

Farm Amenities

  1. Camping ground

  2. Horse stable

  3. Sheep & goats

  4. Orchard

  5. Vegetable garden

  6. Flowering ornamental garden

Activities you can Do

  1. Off-road drive to the top of the hills

  2. Farm visit

  3. Interaction with the livestock animals

  4. Interaction with the horses

  5. Overnight camping

Quick Facts


Location: Al Awsat, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Facility Type: Farm, Park, Resort, and Stable

Facility Ownership: Private – Open to the public for rental arrangement

Distance from the City 52 Km


Contact Number: +966 50 7502480

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