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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Eastern Province, also known as the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, occupies the whole of the eastern side of the country, lying and stretching the whole side of Saudi Arabia by the Arabia Gulf (Persian Gulf). It is the largest province in land area and the 3rd highest population, following Riyadh & Makkah. A diverse province home to residents of different nationalities, cultures, religious beliefs, traditions, and ancestral backgrounds.

It’s the water sports and recreation capital for Central Region (Riyadh), Al Ahsa, Qassim, and Northern Border provinces by having plenty of water sports and recreation facilities, not to mention the corniche areas on its coastal cities and towns, like Al Khobar City, Damman City, Al Qatif, Jubail, Dahran, and Ras Tanura.

During weekends and holidays, thousands of domestic tourists flock to the area to spend quality time unwinding from the work stress and pressures with families, friends, or groups. The seaside parks and boulevards offer breathtaking reliefs with its blowing sea winds and the seabirds flying around and above.

Seaside parks and amusement areas cater to the needs of the residents and visitors of a place to breathe, unwind and pass the time during free days.

Other than the beaches, seaside areas for water activities, the province also had some educational and historical institutions that give visitors a privilege to look back and root the history and development evolutions of the people and the place.

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  • Al Khobar City

  • Dammam City

  • Dhahran

  • Qatif

  • Jubail


1. King Fahad Causeway & Middle Island

The Middle Island of the King Fahad Causeway is the halfway artificial island where the border gates of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are located. Bahrain occupies the eastern side while Saudi Arabia is on the western side. It has a total land area of 66 hectares that housed the immigration gates of the two kingdoms. It is a mini-city in the middle of the causeway. Since the King Fahad Causeway operation, the Middle Island has become the residents' tour and site destination from the two sides.

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Activities You Can Do

1. Causeway Driving

2. Island strolling and bay watching

Facilities available

1. Adequate Parking space for the excursionist and sightseers

2. Food houses 3. Mosques for the religious obligations

2. Khobar Sea Front

Khobar Sea Front is one of the most popular seaside parks in the eastern province. A visitor could enjoy coming to Al Khobar. It has all the promenade outdoor support amenities, biking, and jogging lanes, benches, and a playground park for kids. There are also coffee shops and restaurants in the nearby area to answer the call of stomachs while for the visitors to linger longer in enjoying their stay in the place.

No wonder why people are flocking to this area during weekends and even weekdays as the working period ends.

The Khobar Sea Front, Khobar Corniche, and New Corniche are connected to one another. Developed and designed to cater to the public needs of a place that will give them huge space to breathe, unwind, and release stress. Joggers, walkers, bikers and enjoy the vast area of fitness and relaxing arena by the seaside


  1. Murjan Island

  2. King Abdullah Park and Seafront

  3. Al Muraikabat Mountain Park

  4. Dammam Regional Museum

Murjan Island

Murjan Island is an artificial island located in Al Hamra, Dammam. It is a coral-shaped island among the top sea sides parks favorite by the residents and visitors for the weekend promenades, after-work stroll, and sea-water-related recreations. It is a public park, open and free to come and visit.

The island may not have any extraordinary facilities and amenities, but it would surely make your stroll worth spending with friends or family and a visit that you genuinely remember. Be ready to get regaled with the soft breezes of the sea winds, sea birds flying and quacking around and above, and the golden color of the sea waters as they reflect the western skies during sundown.

King Abdullah Park Seafront

Watching the flock of sea crows and other sea birds flying in large flock spices up your day and boosts your moods from simply relaxing to an exciting that soars you up in cloud nine. Just knowing the facts that you are in the city bayside, yet the flock appears like you are in the wild.

The scene I have witnessed for once proves that humans and the wild could still be in one place, dwelling and shuffling without disturbing and hurting each other. It was unimaginably a bonus to me to have caught the flock of crows flying over the water surface.

Read more about King Abdullah Park Seafront here: KING ABDULLAH PARK SEAFRONT, DAMMAM SAUDI ARABIA (

Al Muraikabat Mountain Park

Al Muraikabat Mountain Park is a public park in Al Muraikabat, Dammam. It is a small mountain of sands and sedimentary rocks inside the city. It is one of the favorite parks in Dammam for families and individuals who want to spend their weekend in an outdoor bonding.

The park overlooks the city side of Muraikabat and its neighboring districts in Dammam. Al Muraikabat Park becomes fascinating at night as the lights illuminate the rocks and the trees and make a flickering color from a distance.

The sparkling colors of the city lights seen from the top of the park are a significant attraction to any parkgoer and turn the regular park visit into an extraordinary night outing.


ITHRA - King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

The wisdom of yesterday and the vision of tomorrow all come into one place, one roof and one institution that elucidates the significance of the natural history, its influence on the present time, the impact and outcome to the world for tomorrow, and benefits to the future generations of our actions today.

The relations between arts and sciences, economic sustainability, social profit, and modern technology without sidelining the importance of conserving the environment; are conveyed in one classy platform.

The exchanges of influences under common beliefs between people and countries, regardless of culture and traditions, are showcased in one gallery.

The eye-catching architectural design of the building alone is an expression already what benefits it could give to every visitor, inspire, and motivate them to do better, and contribute to the thrust of rebuilding the world into a healthy planet for the generations to come.

Read more about King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture here: ITHRA - KING ABDULAZIZ CENTER FOR WORLD CULTURE (


Tarout Island

Tarout Island is an island with unnoticeable separation from the mainland because it is separated only by river size, natural saltwater ditches, with three major bridges. Accounts revealed that settlers have made this area the early point of trading with the people living the places nearby since 5000 BC. At least for colonies had occupied the site; Persian Empire, Islamic Empire, the Portuguese and Ottoman Empires ( Its historical origin is the inspiration of the parks and amusement areas inside the island of their activities and facilities to visitors.

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