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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The tropical island paradise of the Red Sea best describes Farasan Islands by its sky blue clean sea waters, a unique formation of rocks and species of wild lives, mesmerizing the eyes aside from having a tropical climate.

Farasan Island is a group of islands in the Red Sea west of Jazan City. It is a hub for island adventures, a breeding ground for wild docks and other migratory birds, and a breeding area for the crabs inside its protected mangrove forest. Aside from this, visitors can also have the chance to travel back in time with the historical sites.

Thousands of tourists flock to the area every week to experience the immersion of living a life on an island, do overnight camping in a secluded place where only the sea waves, wild birds chirps, and the squeaks of the wild ducks as they play around. Visitors should not miss visiting some islands:

The Pelicans feeding on the water is just one of the sights the visitors could capture in Solen Island (right photo).

Solen Islands

You will enjoy watching the sea birds flying above, perching on the rocks, and watching them feeding in the water. The rock formation is an attraction as well.

Falcon Island (right photo) is another rock island home and resting place for the wild sea and other migratory birds.

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Abu Suraya islands

A breeding ground for the wild ducks that thrive in this part of the Red Sea, so the chances and probability of seeing wild duck eggs on the sand are high. Island visitors should take extra precautions in walking on the sand because the color of the eggs resembles the sand's color. Without minding carefully, you might step them on.

Sugary fine beige sandbars stun the visitor from afar in the middle of the sky blue seawater. Looking up in the air could make you feel like flying kites because of the wild ducks, seagulls, and other seabirds gliding and diving into the water.

Abu Suraya is a place in Farasan Islands for swimming, fishing, and overnight camping.

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The beige sandbar with seagulls, wild ducks, and pelicans flying around and up in the air is truly stressed relievers and breath-catching scenes captured by the island visitors.

Farasan Gandol (Farasan Mangroves)

Farasan Gandol is a protected mangrove forest, yet open for exploring. Island hoppers had the opportunity to explore the wilderness of the Water world and the green part of the sea by getting into the inner portion of the mangrove area. For once, listen to the quacking sound of ducks and other birds singing from the deeper part of the sea forest.

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Traveling to the Farasan Islands, you should take this note about the use of cameras:

  1. Entry the port area up to the up to boarding the Ferry Boat – No Camera allowed

  2. Inside the Ferry Boat – No taking photos and video of the port area

  3. In the middle of the trip – Camera allowed. You may take pictures and video inside and outside the ferry boat

  4. Closing to the Farasan Island – Taking videos and photos of the island is not allowed.

  5. Docking at the port – No taking photos and video of the dock and the ferry boat.

  6. Once inside the island – A camera is permitted, except the government installations.

  7. Island hopping – Cameras are allowed.

How To Get Here

  • Book a ticket to Jazan City. If you have not secured a ticket, it would be best to be in Jazan one day before your scheduled trip to have time to secure a ticket at the port, especially if you will bring your car.

  • Book a hotel in Jazan city as your standby or layover accommodation

  • Visit the Ferry Station at the Port of Jazan and secure the ticket – The ticket is Free of charge

  • The Ferry Boat Leaves the port to Farasan 07:00 First Trip and 09:00 – 2nd trip Sharp.

  • So, on the day of your trip, you should be at the port one hour before the departure schedule:

  • If you booked the 07:00 departure, you should be at the at 06:00 AM

  • If you Booked the 09:00, you should be at the port at 08:00 to allow any on-the-spot issues.

  • Proceed to check-in gate for security, ticket, and document checking

The nearest hotels you can book as your layover accommodation is Novotel and Al Borg Al Watheer Hotels. They are located by the bayside, standing next to one another.

How To Do The Island Hopping

  • On your arrival at Farasan Island, if you have a hotel reservation, do first check-in.

  • Proceed to the speedboat docking port and discuss with the boaters your activities.

  • The price of the boat rental is SAR250.00 per hour.

  • Once you have agreed with the boaters about the rental, you must present your Citizen ID for Saudi nationals, Iqama for the foreign residents, and passports for the non-residents visitors to record your presence for safety and security purposes.

  • Wait until your documents are returned to you, and then the boaters will bring you to the places. The boaters likewise facilitate the documentation of your presence, then once processing is done, they will now ask you to ride the boat.

What To Bring

On you your island hopping before leaving the port, you should have with you the following:

  • Drinking waters

  • Food packs for the whole day hopping or overnight camping

  • If you intend to do overnight camping on one of the islands, bring your mountable tent. The weather on the island is unpredictable; the rains sometimes come randomly, so you have the shelter to keep you from the rain.

  • Jackets or sweaters to keep you warm at night.

  • Extra clothes

  • And others as you deem consider necessary.

If you have a friend to guide you on your island hopping, so much the better, though the boaters could sometimes be your tour guide also.

But if you don’t have anybody to assist you, it is best to hire a local guide. The guides will help with everything. Like in my case, as a solo traveler and first-timer, my guide was the one who facilitated everything, including the securing of the Ferry ticket back and forth.

Hotels in Farasan Islands

  1. Knights Park

  2. Farasan Hotel

The docking area of the speedboats.

The "Pinoy House Rock" as the guide calls this rock island because of its shape that looks like a Filipino house from afar.

Guide: Mr. Adel Alawani

Mobille: +966 50 268 6473

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