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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Hanopol Lake is a forest side lake in the mountainside of Caramoan that offers its new and serene calmness to make its visitors feel the tranquil norm of nature.

In Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines, it's not all about the islands, sugary-fine beaches, and fantastic rock formations because it has something to offer regarding nature, communing, exploring, and mountain hiking.

On your visit to Caramoan, you have probably completed the island visits and do not intend to do the typical swimming on the beach; you can try visiting the upper sides of the town. Here, you can feel the spirit of the mountain's flanks, unwind under the shades of the forest, listen to the scaling sounds of the leaves swayed by the soft breezes and listen to the sounds of the wilderness and be one step back behind the modernity of the world.

You can look back to the time when simplicity of life rules every heart and every way in the community. No mobile phones, no internet, no fancy gadgets, but people manage to live life modestly, peacefully contented, and happily.

To some extent, enjoying the time away from the hustling bustle of the city, Hanopol Lake-Dam enriches and widens your perspective and outlook in life on what takes one to be happy.

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Quick Facts

Name of the Place: Hanopol Dam

Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Distance for the Town Proper: 6 kilometers (approx.)


  1. Crystal-clear fresh lake water

  2. Mountain and forest green scenery

  3. Amazing sights of the mountain and forests

Activities You Can Do

  1. Swimming

  2. Sightseeing

  3. Boating

  4. Picnic

Facilities Available

  1. No concrete structure support facilities

  2. No nearby store to buy something to eat and drink


  1. Mobile phone and internet signals are available but with low to no signal spots.

  2. Reachable and accessible by any vehicle

How To Get Here:

  1. From the town proper, ride with the motor riders for hire. Tell them to bring you Hanopol Dam.

  2. The only available public transportation that can bring you here is a motorcycle, the same way on your way back.

  3. So, if you intend to stay for a longer time, like the whole day, tell the driver/rider the specific time to fetch you back.

  4. If you intend only for short sightseeing, arrange with the rider/driver to wait for you. Otherwise, you will have to walk the distance of more or less 2 kilometers up to the barangay proper of Hanopol from the Dam to find a tricycle or motorcycle to ride back to the town proper.

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Aug 15, 2023

All Of Beautiful Thanks for share Mr Don

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