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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The name itself is a depiction of the attraction's unique forms and setting. Getting within the premises, if you are not curious about what the place has, you will never realize such a canyon exists in the area.

From afar, the surroundings look like a landscape of a desert, rocky plain, and hills. Still, if you mind walking and inspecting the flat rocky surface, you will find the Canyon nestling below the desert surface. You will start your curiosity about how nature carved the canyon and how long the carving took to create a fantastic design of the canyon walls.

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Hidden Canyon is a small, short, narrow canyon enough to make itself hidden from the surface. It's a ground trench-like with a total length of more or less 800 meters. Besides being a tiny canyon compared to all other well-known Canyons in the world, it has its characteristics. The smooth surfaces of the rock walls in every corner and point display nature's ability to engineer a structure perfected through time and patience.

During rainy days the waters are stocked on its pond-like base, but when rains are not coming over for years, it dries out.

Visiting Hidden Canyon does not take much preparation and thrills because it is easily accessible by any car, and you can park your car beside the canyon directly. However, on your way to the area, you will be amazed by the sights of the desert landscape you will be passing through for the one-hour drive by the time you get out from the cityside of Riyadh.

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Quick Facts

Attraction Name: Hidden Canyon

Location: Al Khubay,

Mawan, Riyadh

Distance from the City Center: 97 Km, 1hr &

20min drive

Things To Bring And To Remember:

  1. Water, drinks, and snacks.

  2. Make sure your car has enough gasoline that could drive you back and forth. There is no available gasoline station after passing the center of Haeer town.

For easy directions, click the below link. Kingdom Center is the reference point at Riyadh City Center.

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