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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

The barangay Ilawod of Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines, is a landlocked community located eastern part of Caramoan, the last barangay you will pass through on your way to Gota Beach Resort. Although if you go straight towards the east side, you will end up the white with the beautiful beaches, mountains closer, and separate the community to the seaside are part of the Caramoan National Park; therefore, not part of the Ilawod community. Nevertheless, Ilawod is accessible and reachable without struggling to get to the location.

A small but peaceful community habituated by more than 800 residents. Sea fishing and farming are the primary sources of livelihood for the residents. Ilawod may not have a tourism facility or tourism site, but its potential to become a destination is not far because of its unique landscape of the mountains and valleys that catch the attention of the passers, especially the visitors.

The green sceneries and the valley and the rock mountains hypnotize everyone. They unknowingly find themselves pulling over to roll the camera to capture the scenic views by its camera lens, not to mention the presence of migratory birds flying around and perching on top of the water buffalo’s back.

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Creative imagination in conceptualizing the tourism product to sell and the activities to introduce is the only thing the stakeholders need to come up with a concrete package. Given the fact that this is the closest barangay to Gota Resort, becoming a destination is never a distant possibility.

At one glance, it is rich in natural resources that only need to utilize without sidelining the conservation, protection, and preservation of its original forms and state.

Potential Tourism Activities in the Future

  1. Rock climbing

  2. Mountain climbing

  3. Water Buffalo riding

  4. Agri-tourism

Activities You Can Do (at present)

  1. Farm visits and adventures to the small farmers' vegetables and root crops plantation.

  2. Water Buffalo interaction

  3. Bird watching

  4. Picnic under the coconut plants

  5. Cicada eavesdropping

  6. Island hopping could be done for as long as the nearby Gota Beach resort is open, without any shooting of the reality show, Survivor.

How To Get To The Place

  1. From the town proper of Caramoan, arrange a motorcycle rider for hire to bring you to Ilawod

  2. If you have your car, ask the residents the direction, and they will point you on the way to Ilawod.

  3. Upon crossing the bridge, you will start seeing the magnificent sights around you. You can stop as you wish and start capturing the view of the place. Residents are friendly and accommodating to the visitors and are willing to let you roll your camera; however, you should always seek permission before starting shooting.

  4. From the town proper will take a 10 – 15 minutes relaxing drive to reach Ilawod.


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