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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Jabal Mags (Pronounced as Ma-gas) or Fort Mount Magas in English

Castle made for the watchful eyes in an omniscient vista of a defender ready to secure the territory and its people. Fort Mount Mags is nestled atop the hill overlooking Al Haqo, neighboring towns, the hills, ridges, and vast farmlands and parks.

Once a fortress of the villagers shielding from the attackers, intruders, and looters. History speaks of the land fertility of the place and the abundance of food supplies to the people.

The tropical climate of Jazan made the place rarely experience a scarcity of food supplies as the people could grow their crops, yielding plentiful harvest and livestock herding.

This strategic position detects imminent dangers, so people have time to prepare for a cover and defend themselves.

While people from other places suffer the scarcity of food, villagers in this place enjoy lands bounty. The reason why attacking, intruding, and looting by the strangers occurred only in search of food is that the fights and defends take place; this fortress saves the lives of the villagers.

Today, this fortress has become the major attraction in the mountainsides of Jazan. It has concrete road access, with a viewing and parking area for visitors to enjoy sightseeing overlooking the vast lands from the foot up to the distance that eyes could see.

Scenic sights surrounding the fortress other the history is what makes this landmark a favorite spot.

It would be best to make sure the car engines are in good running condition because there is a steep point of the roads to climb on your way to the top.

Driving the Eighty One (81) km away from the city of Jazan for one hour, the magnificent landscape of the place and the winding and rolling down of the roads are a bonus treat in coming to this place.

One of the main doors of the fortress

How To Get Here

To those coming from outside the province of Jazan, you need to do these steps:

  1. Book a flight of travel by land to Jazan City

  2. From Jazan City drive to the ton of Al Haqo

  3. Reaching the town of Al Haqo, you found this fortress already.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Sightseeing

  2. Excursion and hiking around the fortress and the surrounding valleys and hills

  3. Picnic

  4. Sunset watching

You can also make your visit here as a side trip, then proceed to the other destinations in the magnificent mountain and countrysides of Jazan Province.

For your easy direction, click the link below.

Other Images

Guide: Mr. Fouad Kubaisi

Mobile: +966 55 168 7224

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