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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Watching the flock of sea crows and other sea birds flying in prominent flocks spices up your day and boosts your moods from simply relaxing to the excitement that soars you up on cloud nine. Knowing that you are in the city bayside, yet the flock appears like you are in the wild.

The scene I witnessed once proves that humans and the wild could still be in one place, dwelling and shuffling without disturbing and hurting each other. It was unimaginably a bonus to me to have caught the flock of crows flying over the water surface.

Like any other bayside park in Eastern Province, you can enjoy outdoor bonding activities with your family and friends.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Picnic

  2. Fishing - Be a fisherman for a day by fishing on the island's waterside and - Grill directly your catches fresh from the sea on the grilling fire.

  3. Birds watching

  4. Walking or jogging exercises

  5. Play football

  6. Children can enjoy playing at the children’s playgrounds

Facilities and Amenities Available

  1. Benches.

  2. Fruits and food stand – There are vendors selling goods for your miscellaneous cooking needs.

  3. Essential grocery items are also available from the vendors.

  4. Parking Space

  5. Mosques for the religious obligations

  6. Comfort Rooms

  7. Trash Bins

Things to Bring

  1. Grilling stands if you intend to enjoy outdoor grilling.

  2. Drinking water

  3. Carpets

  4. Fishing gears and baits if you want to enjoy the fish-catching activities

  5. Camera to record the memory

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