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Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Quick Facts

Distance from Jazan City: 55km

Travel Time: 48 min

Standing at the edge of the top ladder steps, looking around, hear the birds chirping, wild ducks quacking, frogs croaking, and the feel the cold soft winds breezing. Lay the carpets on the grass, mount the grilling stand and start the outdoor cooking while staring at the calm lake waters beneath the dark blue and green mountain ridges. Lake Jazan Dam is an amiable site with a fantastic landscape of mountains, trees, and body of waters perfect for a family treat nature communing picnic.

Families are flocking in the lakeside for the weekend bonding

Coming here was a trip home to my country, the Philippines, because of its tropical climate and environmental setting.

The group of picnickers driving down to the lakeside

I always thought that Saudi Arabia is a country without a perennial inland body of water, and the Lake Jazan Dam just proven me wrong.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Sightseeing

  2. Hiking

  3. Mountain driving (Light mountain driving should you opted to)

  4. Sunrise and sunset watching

  5. Picnic and camping

Facilities Available

  1. Sidewalk benches

  2. Concrete Path walks

Things To Bring

  1. Sweaters

  2. Umbrellas or any rain wears

  3. Extra clothes

  4. Drinking waters

  5. Snacks

  6. Tents to shield the comfort needs of the ladies

Car Requirement

  1. You can bring any car.

  2. A 4x4 drive car is necessary if you opt to park the car by the lakeside. Non-4-wheel drive cars could be park upstairs (arrival area).

What to Expect

  1. Random rainfalls

  2. From moderate to cold temperature

  3. Clear to foggy surroundings

How To Get Here

  1. Book a trip to Jazan City

  2. Book a hotel

  3. Drive to the site using Google Direction or hire a guide to bring you to this place and other beautiful spots in Jazan, from the sea to the country and mountainsides.

The place is not difficult to find because it has a good access road. Would you please check the below direction?

Other Images

Guide: Mr. Fouad Kubaisi

Mobile: +966 55 168 7224

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