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Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Maangas is a barangay (community) in Presentacion Camarines Sur, Philippines. It is a small community with a population of more than 4,000 but the most prominent community along the coastal barangays between the town proper of Lagonoy and Presentacion.

The primary source of livelihood by the residents are fishing and agriculture, and the making of brooms from a lion grass known as “Walis Tambo” is the primary cottage industry by the people in the peninsular towns of Lagonoy, Presentacion, and Caramoan.

It is currently one of the tourism sites and has a great potential of becoming a tourist destination because of its beautiful pebble-laden beaches and unspoiled natural beauty of the shoreline, other than being a halfway stop for the travelers going to the towns of Caramoan and Garchitorena.

There are no classy food houses available, but small eateries and stores open for the essential household commodities where you can buy food items and others you may need during your stay.

The Aguirangan View Hotel is currently the well-known accommodation facility operating in the area that caters to the housing of the tourists coming for excursions and adventures in the area and nearby places.

Visiting Maangas could also be done as a side trip on your way to Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines. You may spend the whole day doing the adventures and recreation, then proceed to Caramoan. Also, possibly from Caramoan going back to Naga City, you can drop by and stay, enjoy everything that the place offers, and move back to Naga City.

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Quick Facts

Name of the Place: Maangas

Municipality: Presentacion

Province: Camarines Sur

Country: Philippines

Distance from Naga City: 80 Kilometer

Travel Time: 2 hours for Private Cars & 3 hours from buses and other

public transport vehicles

Things You Can Do

1. Swimming

2. Picnic

3. Sightseeing

4. Mountain Adventure

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