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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Al Murjan Island is an artificial island located in Al Hamra, Dammam. It is a coral-shaped island among the top sea sides parks favorite by the residents and visitors for the weekend promenades, after-work stroll, and sea-water-related recreations. It is a public park, open and free to come and visit.

The island may not have any extraordinary facilities and amenities, but it would surely make your stroll worth spending with friends or family and a visit that you genuinely remember. Be ready to get regaled with the soft breezes of the sea winds, sea birds flying and quacking around and above, and the golden color of the sea waters as they reflect the western skies during sundown.

Fully grown-up trees are ready to shield the visitors from the searing sunlight, plus the constructed kiosks serve the picnickers on their outdoor leisure.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Boat Riding - Huge boat is available for a large group to do the boating around the Persian/Arabian Gulf. Small boats are also available for a small group to rent.

  2. Fishing - Be a fisherman for a day by fishing on the waterside of the island and Grill directly your catches fresh from the sea to the grilling fire.

  3. Birds watching.

  4. Walking or jogging exercises

Facilities and Amenities Available

  1. Kiosks and benches.

  2. Fruits and vegetable stand – There are vendors selling goods for your miscellaneous cooking needs.

  3. Basic grocery items are also available from the vendors.

  4. Parking Space

  5. Mosques for the religious obligations

  6. Comfort Rooms

  7. Trash Bins

Things to Bring

  1. Grilling stands if you intend to enjoy the outdoor grilling.

  2. Drinking water

  3. Carpets

  4. Fishing gears and baits if you intend to enjoy the fish catching activities

  5. Camera to record the memory.

How to Get Here

  1. If you’re driving your car, get the Google direction, and Google will take you there.

  2. Coming via UBER is also an easy way because all drivers know the place. However, it would help arrange with the driver to come back and pick you up after the certain hours you intend to stay and roam the island. Because it’s pretty not easy to make the booking only as the place is out of the city side.

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