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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It was nothing but craving and excitement to experience back the mountain, and the rural lifestyle pushed me to grab the offer and invitation of the farm-resort owner for a short escapade by the sea, mountain, and forest.

Back in my childhood days in the countryside, at night, we would sit down on the wooden bench in front of our house, watching the fireflies on tree tops, listening to the crickets and other insects twitting. Sometimes, the cry of the night owls makes our hairs stand and pushes us to get inside the house.

Time has run so fast, and for more than three decades now, I have gotten used to city life; all you can hear are the car horns, loud music on the radio, and people talking, yelling, screaming, and other noises. The old ways of my life are a part of myself that I could not quickly get away from; most often, I keep wishing to feel the energy of my childhood place again, so the invitation is something that I cannot let slip through my fingers. I grabbed the opportunity.

At the Naval De San Andres, making a retreat for a few steps back to the old and modest lifestyle is still possible in a place that keeps you away from the city's toxins to a rank of pristine and natural serenity.

Naval De San Andres is a perfect retreat place for the one doing a soul search, making personal reflection, or wanting to escape the hustle-bustling without getting detached from the community and essential accessibility. Naval De San Andres is a private farm resort located in the town of Siruma, Camarines Sur, Philippines.

As the light fades and the dark of night starts covering the entire place, you will get fascinated by the different sounds in the forest during the dark period. The twitting insects, the whistles, cries, and songs of the nocturnal animals will give extra chills and fascination.

Here, keeping away from the contaminant environment of the city just for a while or day does not require extra effort. Because the resort is within walking distance from the town’s commercial area; however, despite the close distance to the town center, the moment you set foot inside the premise, you will be in complete seclusion, away from the noises of the city.

All that will greet you are the sounds of the forest, the swaying, and raging ocean waves, and the squeaking wild birds perching on the tree tops.

You will have the chance to experience going back to the traditional way of living back when electricity was still unavailable, living in a hut without any modern utensils, and cooking foods in a conventional manner using firewoods. You can choose whether to use traditional lighting, a kerosene-fuelled lamp, or electricity power at night.

The cottages are built using indigenous materials available inside the farm alone, designed to make you sense the simplicity of life back then.

Commercially is not operational yet the moment, but should you wish to grab the opportunity to visit and use the place for your hideaway escapade, you can arrange it with the owners.

Big thanks to the owner for his invitation, brought me back to the day when life was easy, uncomplicated, happy, and contented. It was a great escapade.

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Here is some additional information about the farm:

Things You Can Do

  1. Whole or overnight swimming

  2. Camping

  3. Farm and forest exploring

  4. Firefly watching

  5. Island hopping (but you need to arrange a boat at the Pamintan Port)

Facilities Available

  1. Cottage

  2. Comfort/washing/bathroom


  1. Commercial access for your basic commodity needs – close to the town’s commercial area

  2. Communication facilities with excellent signal; mobile phones and internet

Accessibility (Transportation & Communication)

  1. Siruma is accessible through Naga – Siruma Road in concrete condition. Two-hour drive with a distance of 75 Km.

  2. Good road condition from the town proper, but as you get close to the farm, you will drive on a trail in the middle of the prairie.

How To Get Here

  1. You can go directly to Naval De San Andres if your car is from Manila. When you reach Naga City, you may ask the locals for directions or use Google directions.

  2. From Manila, book a flight to Naga airport in Pili, Camarines Sur, or a bus to Naga City. When you reach Naga City, you may contact the resort owner to give directions.

Take note that there is only one public transport trip from Naga to Siruma daily. So, arranging a van to bring you to Siruma and fetch you back to Naga would be much better.

  1. Bus public transport could be a terrible experience you will get.

  2. No van transportation is operating from and to Naga City.

What to Expect

  1. Scenic sights await the guests along the way during the trip.

  2. The distance is only 75 Km from Naga City but prepares for a 2-hour mountain drive.

  3. When you enter the Tinambac-Siruma road from Barangay San Vicente, there are no available restrooms for the ladies along the way and no big grocery store or supermarket. Only one eatery is available, and it’s already closer to Siruma town proper.

What to Bring

On your way to Siruma:

  1. Aside from your personal belongings (clothes and others), you need to buy some snacks and drinks in the town proper or in Barangay San Vicente to keep you from thirst and hunger in case of any unexpected occurrence.

  2. Bring your cooking utensils.

  3. Bring bottled drinking water.

  4. Before proceeding to the farm, you may buy all other stuff at the town proper.

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