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Updated: Sep 3, 2023

The tropical fruits endemic in tropical and non-tropical countries, like banana, papaya, orange, pomelo, coffee, and others, could also be the high-value crops found in Jazan, Saudi Arabia, with its fertile soils suitable for agriculture.

In other regions in Saudi Arabia, especially in the central region, vegetable and fruit production is made possible inside the greenhouses to maintain the temperature requirement suited to the crops; in the southern regions like Jazan and Aseer, farmers are planting these crops in open land without the aid of greenhouses, considering that the climate in these regions is relatively the same or close to a tropical climate.

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Papaya Farm in Al Khadra and other neighboring towns in Jazan region is an example of the Kingdom’s capability to produce its own food supply requirements, if not entirely the whole, they can produce a large share of the volume supply consumption needed.

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Thanks to the farm owner, Mr. Ameen Darraj for the kind accommodation.

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