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REJAL ALMAÁ, SAUDI ARABIA - A Town With the Scenes, Sights, And Stories

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Rejal Almaa is a small town in Aseer Province, rich in history and culture, and one of the heritage cradles of Saudi Arabia. The main attraction that draws thousands of tourists is the 900-year-old Rejal Almaá Palaces (above photo) which UNESCO has listed as Heritage Site.

Rejal Alma'a is famous for the exhilarating landscape of the mountains that blow the breath of its visitors and the 900-year-old built ancient palaces, a UNESCO-listed heritage site that displays the unique structural and architectural building design during the Gothic and Renaissance period. The design differs from the European designs during that period, but it illustrates the middle eastern expressions as far as applied arts in engineering are concerned.

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Phantasmic temperature – phenomenal yet natural weather conditions of the area is the intriguing character that draws visitors other than heritage monuments, the ancient palaces. During winter seasons, while people from the nearby towns and places, especially the ones atop the Jabal Soudah, are chilling in a cold temperature, Rejal Alma'a gives a comforting warmth embraced by its perfect temperature of a not-so-cold and not hot one, of course.

The oddity of its temperature during

winter, most people come here to shield themselves from the coldness of the winter. I had to witness this phenomenon during my trip to this town. It was a cold, clear sky from the mountain, but as we drove down, I noticed that the temperature was increasing. It is the complete opposite of what I thought that since it is inside the Al Soudah mountain range, it would be cold as well down the mountain, inside the village.

After the 25 minutes of exciting and thrilling mountain ride on the road winding down from the top of Jabal Soudah, the road name, The Devil Road, tensions rocking the nerves are relieved by the panoramic views that catch everyone's eyes at the new town center.

It is a quiet, peaceful community with amazing sights that awe every visitor for adventure, sightseeing, and holiday visits. It has a perfect climate temperature, suited for walking around and enjoying the surroundings.

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Coming here is taking the chance to experience and feel the combinations of thrills, excitement, and a pulse-beating breath as you ride the car rolling the sharp and blind curves and steep portions of the Devil Road from the mountain top to the foot of the Al Soudah mountain range. Hence, driving skills on the unique road terrain are essential since safety is at stake.


(Note: The listed places of attraction are the only ones the author has personally visited. Others were not included here because the author still has to visit yet)

  1. The Old Palaces of the 900-year-old Heritage Village

  2. Rejal Almaá Museum

  3. Rejal Almaá View Point

  4. Rejal Almaá Park

  5. Amazing landscapes of the mountains

  6. 2 Km long road tunnel

  7. The 25 Km zig-zag road of the Devil Road

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Things To Observe:

Coming here is passing through the winding road with plenty of sharp curves and steep portions; you must observe the following for a safe and enjoyable ride:

  1. Check the engine's condition; it should be in excellent mountain road-worthy condition, especially the brakes.

  2. Make sure the fuel is enough on your way and back.

  3. Drive at the speed required suited to mountain driving.

  4. Be watchful because there are troops of monkeys crossing the road.

  5. The observance of proper road manners and courtesy is a must.

  6. During rainy days, if it is not necessary to come, do not come, especially if you are new to the terrain, or let someone familiar with the road drive for as long as you know him to be an excellent defensive driver.

Things To Bring

  1. It would help if you came with your winter outfits to keep you warm. Though here at the Rejal Alma'a, the temperature is not that cold; on your way, while cruising the top of Jabal Soudah, the temperature is at a freezing level during winter and out during the ordinary or summer days.

  2. Always bring water to drink and something to eat so that if ever there is any unexpected occurrence, you will not starve and thirst. Though there are shops at the town center where you can buy some foods and light snacks, the foods you carry serve as your stock along the way.

  3. Camera, first foremost to those coming here for the first time to record the memory of the visits.

  4. Like visiting any other place, much better if you come along with a guide. A local guide or resident of the area to ensure you can reach the places you want to visit without getting lost. And the guide can communicate with the people in the place.

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Quick Facts:

Place: Rejal Alma’a

Location: Aseer Province, Saudi Arabia

Distance: 59 Km from Abha City; 1h & 20 min drive

Accessibility: Excellent Road Condition

Excellent mobile phone signals

Internet Signals depend on the network/provider


Mobile: +966 50 957 7997

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