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The historic Rughabah Tower (Marqab), the landmark of the village

This village may be small, with a lesser population in the middle of the desert north of the province of Riyadh. Part of the Al Thadiq town, and may be small, however, visiting here is never an empty-handed trip, for it has plenty of stories to tell, historically and traditionally, not to mention the landmark of the ancient travel path trails, old house ruins in the ancient settlement of the town.

At a distance of more or less 125 km north of Riyadh City center, it takes the visitor to a two-hour drive in an enjoyable ride of viewing the sprawling multi-colors facet and formation of the plain desert land, a golden mountain of sands, gulley, and the riverbeds.

It is best to visit this town during winter to avoid the searing heat of the sunlight at a high temperature during the summer seasons.

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Landmarks To Visit

  • Marqab Tower

  • Old Mud Houses

A trip to this town could be at the same time a visit to the other heritage and historical sites and other desert attractions:

  • Ancient Heritage City of Al Usaigher

  • Maghatya Trail

  • Al Ekrishiya Lake

  • Al Qasab Dune

  • Prodan Lake

  • Salt Land

Quick Facts

Place Name: Rughaba, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia

Classification: Municipality

Distance from Riyadh City: 125 Km, 1⅟2 hrs. travel time

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