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Updated: Sep 13, 2021

A coffee shop serves flavored teas (closed at the time this picture was taken)

Visiting the City of Taif, Saudi Arabia one place you should not miss to see is the old city. You will have the chance to travel back in the early days of what the city looked like at the old commercial place. The colorful old architectural designs of the buildings are among the attractions found in this place.

The simple way of life in a commercial place, selling and buying goods and products, was the one I saw during my visit. It was unfortunate that my visit's timing was Friday noontime, so most of the establishments were still closed; since Friday is the Holy day for our brothers in Islam, most of them open after the Asr (3:00 PM prayer time). Thus, I could not see the entire business shops with all the goods sold from them.

To share with you the information you should know about the Old City of Taif:

What to Do

1. Buying of honey products and other local handicraft items

2. Tea drinking – tea mint flavor is one you may try to drink

Time of Visit

1. You can visit the old city Saturday to Thursday from morning until evening

2. Do not come during the morning of Fridays because only very few establishments are open. During Fridays, you can expect that all of them are open after the Asr Prayer (3:00 PM Prayer time)

What to See

1. Colorful old buildings

What to Buy

1. Honey products

If you are looking for pure kinds of honey, this is the place to come to Taif. You will find different honey products from various species of bees.

2. Rose waters – produce from the perfume factories in Taif and nearby towns.

3. Saturday morning is the best time to buy honey products because this is the honey market day. Newly produced jars of honey are brought here from the bee-keeping farms.

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