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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism and adventures should always include the visit to Tabuk Province, the premier province of north Saudi Arabia, and its capital city, Tabuk is the Queen City of the north. The reason why you should not miss visiting this province is that it has plenty of sites to explore; the sites for biblical histories, the magnificent sights of rocks and mountain formations carved through the geological evolutions over a period of time.

This article is just an initial write-up about Tabuk Province because as of writing myself has not covered yet all the places that one should see in the province. So, for now, these are the places that I can suggest personally as I have first-hand information based on what I had experienced during my visit.

Tabuk City, the capital of Tabuk Province is the major take-off point and base for the trip adventures to the different tourist attractions in this region. However, if you are running on a very limited time but want to maximize the places to cover, here are the places you should put in your list (good for one day run):

  1. Wadi Al Disah

  2. The Lion Face Rock

  3. The Lonesome Rock

  4. Neom Canyon

  5. Mount Hajala

Wadi Al Disah - On top of the list is the Wadi Al Disah. This place will bring back your childhood imagination into the existence of your fantasy world as the rocky cliffs and the different shades of green trees, dates, and grasses blend with the reddish color of rocks and the golden sands on the dry riverbed. If you are addicted to fantasy movies, then Wadi Al Disah fits your taste and satisfies your fantasies to be in the movie-setting-like scene of the surroundings.

Click here to read more about Wadi Al Disah: WADI AL DISAH, TABUK, SAUDI ARABIA (

Mount Hajala – Wrap up your day run by looking at the reddish rock ridges as the day slowly dims its light during sunset time. Coming to this point will give you first an exhilarating drive on the scenic winding tourism road of Hajala from the Exit Point of Wadi Al Disah.

Watch the video here:

The Lion Face Rock – A lion face image carved by the time over thousands of years to form this masterpiece. It is on a rock island in the middle of the golden sea of sands in the Neom Sharma area of Tabuk Province. Enjoy looking around with the pagoda-like formation of rocks surrounding the Lion Face Rock.

Read more about The Lion Face Rock here: THE LION FACE ROCK OF NEOM, TABUK, KSA (

The Lonesome Rock – Be ready to take a little shake on the nerve should you opt to drive the loose sand slope to the base of the rock tower of the Lonesome Rock. It will take you a 10-minute drive on the desert sand to reach this place from the Lion Face rock.

Read more:


Neom CanyonA 15 km long stretch gigantic geological ditch displays multi-colors and canyon rocks from the vertical slope to the canyon bank. Stretches from the Sharma area to the town of Neom, Tabuk Province.

To make sure that these places are covered for one day, you should make sure to get a local guide that can do the same route I had during my trip. Below this article, you will find the name of the guide you should connect to facilitate your trip to those places.

Read more about Neom Canyon here: NEOM CANYON, TABUK, KSA (

What to Expect

  1. A whole day to cover these places.

  2. A long drive of 2 ½ hours from Tabuk City for the 250 km distance to Wadi Al Disah. On your way to Al Disah, you will be dropping by the Lion Face Rock, The Lonesome Rock, and the Neom Canyon, Sharma area.

  3. Scenic sights to see along the road.

  4. Driving a 4-wheel drive car gives you the chance to drive through from the entry point, going to the deeper part of the valley and exiting on the other end, moving back to Tabuk running on the other road.

  5. Chance to encounter camels and donkeys along the way.

  6. Passing through the exit point of Wadi Al Disah to Mount Hajala for the sunset viewing, before returning to Tabuk City for the evening retreat.

Car Requirement

  1. A 4-wheel drive car is a requirement.

  2. High clearance

  3. New tires are a great advantage.

Terrain Condition

  1. From the City Center of Tabuk via Jeddah Road is excellent up to Wadi Al Disah.

Things to See

  1. Magnificent canyon and majestic rock formations.

  2. Golden desert dunes

  3. Al Disah Cave

  4. Rock towers

  5. Wildflowers

  6. Vigor lion grasses

  7. Desert trees

  8. Water spring

  9. Wild birds

  10. Dates Farm

  11. Orchards by the local farmers

Things to Do

  1. Trekking

  2. Sightseeing

  3. Off-road driving

  4. Picnic

  5. Overnight camping

What to Bring

  1. Snacks and water to drench your thirst and the light hunger while exploring.

  2. Sunglass to protect your eyes from the open desert blinding lights of the sun.

  3. Sombrero hat to shade your face without using sunglasses, especially if you are shooting with your camera.

  4. Sunblock to keep your skin from burning, especially during summer.

  5. Visiting during the winter season, of course, you should be in your winter suits to keep you warm and away from freezing.

  6. Lighting gadgets for overnight camping.

How to Get Here

  1. Those coming from outside of Saudi Arabia may book a flight landing in Tabuk Airport, connecting flight, or direct. Tabuk Airport is one of the international airports of Saudi Arabia; however, the flight frequency is limited compared to Jeddah Airport and Riyadh Airport.

  2. If your Holiday trip is to explore Saudi Arabia, I suggest booking your flights via Jeddah or Riyadh, then book another domestic flight to Tabuk.

  3. Tabuk City should be your take-off point going to different spots you want to see.

  4. It is best to hire a local guide to assist you in coming to the place to bring you to the deeper and hidden part of the valley.

  5. Drive your car via Tabuk-Yanbu-Jeddah road.

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Guide: Mr. Ahmed Al Atawi

Mobile: +966 50 417 7818

For more videos about underrated places of adventure, please check my YouTube Channel:


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