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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Tarout Island is an island with unnoticeable separation from the mainland because it is separated only by river size, natural saltwater ditches, with three major bridges.

The major tourist attractions are:

  1. Darin Corniche

  2. Ramlet Al Baydah

  3. Tarout Castle

  4. Al Musally Museum

A trip to Tarout Island is revisiting one of the oldest human settlements in the Arabian Peninsula. Its history and the transition to different colonies are the ones that make the place rich in culture, history, heritage, and tradition.

Accounts revealed that settlers have made this area the early point of trading with the people living the places nearby since 5000 BC. At least for colonies had occupied the site; Persian Empire, Islamic Empire, the Portuguese and Ottoman Empires ( Its historical origin is the inspiration of the parks and amusement areas inside the island of their activities and facilities to visitors.

How to Get Here

If you intend to visit the attractions in Qatif and Jubail, it is best to book hotels or apartments to make your travel to the spots shorter and more accessible. However, if you are booked in any hotels in Dammam or Al Khobar, visiting here is never a problem. It will keep you away from the hassles of packing up, checking out, and checking in again to the new hotel in a different place. You only have to brace for a more extended trip on your way to and back; besides, there are traffic choke points that you will pass through along the way:

  1. If you are driving a car, you may just set the Google Direction, and Google will point you direction.

  2. You need to identify which of the significant points in Tarout Island you want to visit

  3. The prominent places to see are:

Darin Corniche

Ramlet Al Baydah

Tarout Castle

4. Coming via UBER is not a problem because every driver knows the place; however,

you need to tell the driver the points you want to go to.

5. Arrange with the driver to stay and wait until you finish exploring the point of interest

you are visiting.

6. After finishing the visit, booking to UBER may take some time before a driver arrives

since Qatif is not a metropolis area.

On my accounts, given the time constraints, I was able to visit only the Darin Corniche and the Ramlet Baydah.

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Activities You Can Do

For Darin Corniche, here you can enjoy slides and rides:

  1. Chariot ride

  2. Pedaled Cab

  3. Inflatable Slides for kids

  4. Inflatable slides

  5. Fishing

  6. Picnic

  7. Sunset watching

Facilities and Amenities Available

  1. Benches.

  2. Fruits and food stand – There are vendors selling goods for your miscellaneous cooking needs.

  3. Essential grocery items are also available from the vendors.

  4. Parking Space

  5. Mosques for the religious obligations

  6. Comfort Rooms

  7. Trash Bins

Things to Bring

  1. Grilling stands if you intend to enjoy the outdoor grilling.

  2. Drinking water

  3. Carpets

  4. Fishing gears and baits if you want to enjoy the fish-catching activities

  5. Camera to record the memory

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