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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The Cave of Alqarah is a must-see and visit the place. The cave is the main attraction in Al Qarah Mountain or Tower of Al Qarah (both are the known names of the place) because of the magnificent rock wall formation showcasing the geological masterpiece of nature and the incomparable engineering skills of time to build a craft that humans cannot do.

Others call this cave the Civilization Cave because it narrates ancient history through the relics and artifacts of the craftsmanship, artistry, and elegance of the early residents of the place way back in the archaic period.

Also, it is known as Judas Cave. The information available on Google and other published literary accounts on the internet revealed that such a name originated Filipinos, believing that this was where the Disciple of Christ, Judas Iscariot, took his own life. But this information is not official.

Visitors had the chance to experience walking undergrounds passing through narrow opening cracks of rocks connecting from one chamber to another. The thrills stand as the visitor comes across the dead-end wall yet finds passages to the left and right-side cellar rock that open its way and allow you to go further and inner of the mountain core.

With lighted main path walks, it is easier for the explorers to enjoy roaming the rocky sub-terrain of the chamber of the mountain without any hesitation or rocking their nerves, especially when exploring with the kids. The lights keep the explorers away from banging the wall or dropping to lower rock surfaces.

To see what's inside the cave, click the below video:

Light spelunking in the city is a must-experience adventure that will make your visit worth another visit. So, please join me in this video, and let’s explore and experience being in the primitive time when caves were the shelters.

Click the arrow slide to see more images:

For those coming to explore behind what the cave has ordinarily known, you need to go beyond what the usual cave goers do, and these are what you can expect:

• Exciting unlighted chambers to explore

• Opportunity to climb to the top of the mountain cave and see the exhilarating view of the place surrounding Mount Al Qarah:

See Tower of Al Qarah - The View here: THE TOWER OF AL QARAH (

Quick Facts:

Name of the Spot: Al Qarah Cave

Location: Al Qarah Tower or Al Qarah Mountain or Shaba’an Mountain

Al Qarah Town, Province of Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

Distance from Hofuf 15 Km

21 Minutes Travel time

Business Time: From 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Entrance Fee SR50.00 per person

Telephone: 013 598 2888

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