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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The tower of Al Qarah, Al Qarah Mountain, does not only give you the civilization history in Al Ahsa and the beautiful scenic sights that you will see surrounding the mountain.

You should also see the pottery shop on the other side of the mountain where you can buy your pots and jars made of clay for your house décor, garden, and landscaping needs.

The shop has a variety of designs, colors, styles, and sizes that fit your needs. Besides pottery items, they also have local and imported handicraft items made by local artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and other imported items.

The pottery shop does not only sell handicraft and pottery items because it also gives you the chance to look back in the early where people live the traditional way in this part of the Kingdom. The pictures and artifacts you can see narrate the early people's living and the simplicity of life without the modern machines and gadgets brought by the new technology, especially the traditional molding of pots and jars, depicted in the visual items displayed inside the pottery shops. Prices are reasonable, but quality products are all you can get from this shop.

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Quick Facts:


Location: Al Qarah Mountain, Al Qarah, Al Ahsa Province, Saudi Arabia

Distance from Hofuf 15 Km

21 Minutes Travel time

Entrance Fee: Free

The Use of Camera: Allowed, but you need to observe the privacy of the other visitors.

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Mobile: 059 990 5539

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