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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The ancient architectural masterpiece, a magnificent city built upon the rocks, a puzzling architectural feat of the early period, a history of engineering ingenuity.


Year Built: 8th Century

Location: Al Makhwah Governorate, Al Baha Province, Saudi Arabia

Distance from Baha City: 25 Kilometer

Travel Time: 25 minutes

Thee Ain Village is the ancient city located at the Al Makhwah, Al Baha province. Its unique attributes are old houses built from a flake of stones constructed in a mountain of rocks. A puzzling architectural feat by ancient people without the use of the machine and modern construction tools.

Walking around the ancient city, I could not help but keep wondering how the people by that period could come up with the design of constructing concrete houses on top of the rock.

Were the concepts made by engineers and architects in our generations today, no wonder because of the school because of the education we have today, and construction completed in this modern time, won’t be a surprise with the use of the monster machines we have today. But 8th Century, what tools did they use to build a magnificent city in an unimaginable place to construct a structure?

What to Expect

  1. Enjoy driving on a scenic zig-zag road winding down from Baha City to Thee Ain

  2. Experience walking in an ancient city built by an ancient civilization

  3. Discover the architectural craftsmanship of the people way back 8th Century

  4. Get puzzled by the structures built manually without the aid of the machines we have these days.

  5. Scenic sights of mountains surrounding the ancient city

  6. Encounter with wild monkeys is possible

  7. Listening to the sound of birds chirping all around

  8. Feel the breeze of the desert winds

  9. Expect that you may find yourself standing in the middle of the fogs.

  10. Low temperature during winters

  11. The moderate temperature during summers

What to Bring

  1. Drinking water and snacks. As you roam around and climb the upper area of the ancient city, for sure, you will get thirsty and hungry—no nearby shop near the area. During my visit, the kiosks at the parking area were closed since the Ramadan season, so I am not sure snacks and drinks are available in those kiosks. So better to bring your own.

  2. Jackets during winter seasons

  3. Headlamps or flashlights to use in the rooms and basements when you enter them.

  4. Camera to capture the memory.

How To Get To The Place

The Al Baha or Bahah City is the main take-off point. This city is accessible by air and land transportation. It has an airport catering to tourists from other places. Flights from Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam are all I know to service the passenger coming to Al Baha. You may ask your travel agents about the availability of the flights.

Travel by Land (to Bahah City)

From Riyadh

  • Private car: 9-10 hours

  • Public Transport: 13 hours2. From Jeddah

From Jeddah

  • Private Car 5 hours

From Taif

  • Private car: 2 hours 30 min

  • Public Transport 3 hours

From Abha

  • Private Car 4 hr & 30 min to 5 hours

Where to Stay

Hotels and lodging accommodations are in Baha City

More Images:

Guides: Abdulaziz Aljuaed

Mobile: +966 50 122 6668

Ahmed Aljuaed

Mobile: +966 50 426 5634

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