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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Jabal Aswad (Black Mountain) got its name by looking from afar; black, but as you get closer, it gradually turns to blue, and green once you are inside it.

Quick Facts

Distance from Jazan: 125 km, 2 hours to drive.

Type of Spot: Mountain Park

Location: Al Reeth, Jazan Province, Saudi Arabia

Another kingdom in the sky that Jazan travelers should not miss visiting. The winding-up road network gives exhilarating sights, from the ridges to gradient shoulders, the height and the depth of the ravines colored by the greenery of trees, grasses, and vibrance of wildflowers. The mix of them all exudes hypnotic energies and enlivens the spirits even in a most downing state; that is what occurred to me as I started rolling my eyes all around.

A mountain slope made into terraces for the coffee and tea farm in a cold mountain top of Jabal Asoad (Aswad) or Black Mountain in English.

At the altitude of more or less 2,400 meters above sea level, the wind breezes give a pinch of chill to my body. The distant flickers of lights from the villages below in a gloomy atmosphere by daytime will make you imagine standing in the sky.

Jabal Aswad (Black Mountain) got its name by looking from afar; black, but as you get closer, it gradually turns to blue, and green once you are inside it.

How To Get Here

Coming here could be as a side trip on your way going to other spots in this part of Jazan if you intend to do a sunrise and sunset watching, much better if you book the hotel at the Black Mountain. Arriving in the afternoon before sundown and stay for the whole night to catch the first breaks of daylight. Generally, these are what you need:

  1. Book your hotel or apartment accommodation in Jazan City.

  2. Hire a local guide if you are a first-time traveler and have no contact or friends to hike with you.

  3. From Jazan City, you need to leave the city as early as 07:00 to make the trip touring speed and have enough time to take shots of the place along the way that you find worth capturing by the camera.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Sightseeing

  2. Hiking

  3. Mountain driving

  4. Sunrise and sunset watching

  5. Picnic and camping

Facilities Available

  1. Eatery

  2. Hotel

Things To Bring

  1. Sweaters

  2. Umbrellas or any rainwear

  3. Extra clothes

  4. Drinking waters

  5. Snacks

Car Requirement

  1. 4x4 car is an advantage

  2. Non-4x4 is suitable as well – but it should be in 100% engine good running condition.

What to Expect

  1. Winding mountain roads.

  2. High Altitude

  3. Random rainfalls

  4. Cold temperature

  5. Foggy surroundings

  6. Camels walking on the road, so you need to drive carefully and be watchful.

  7. Vendors selling headpieces and ornaments along the road.

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