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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The name Haeer automatically connotes the most popular public park in Riyadh, the Haeer Lakes Park, a favorite destination for a weekend promenade. Though the park name itself speaks of the town, it overshadowed its location. Most people who do not know about Haeer town will never know that they have passed the center of the town to which the Lakes Park belongs.

Quick Facts

Name: Haeer Municipality

Location: Riyadh City, Ar Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Distance from the City Center: 42 KM, (Kingdom Tower as Point of Reference

Tourism Facilities:

1. Haeer Lakes Park

2. Haeer Neighborhoods Park

3. Haeer Garden

4. Haeer Kamsa-Kamsa (Private Park/Resort)

How To Get Here

Coming to the Haeer Lakes Park, you have two road options from Al Azizia:

  1. Via Haeer-Hota Bani-Tamim Road

  2. Road 509 - Passing the town proper

  • Haeer-Hota Bani-Tamim Road is the main highway that connects Riyadh to the southern part of Saudi Arabia without passing the town proper of Al Haeer. From Al Azizia will drive straight ahead and make a U-turn at the U-turn before reaching the bridge; enter the main entry point through the main gate. This way is passing outside and without passing through the town proper.

  • Road 509 – Haeer Town Proper Road – You need to enter the road to the right side after passing Haeer Prison. Only this route will give the newcomers that they are passing a town – the town proper of Haeer, and entering the western gate of the Haeer Lakes Park. Also, a chance to see the other beautiful spots that the town offers other than the lakes park. However, as the visitors focused on the Haeer Lakes Park as their destination, most of them do not even mind the place they are passing along – a good park and garden at the town proper are unnoticed, overlooked, and disregarded.

In whichever ways, Haeer town is a town that offers beautiful places and topographic formations that awe its visitors:


The place where the fantastic natural landscape and the architectural development design perfectly blend. A place of unwinding, relaxing, and family and friends bonding. Haeer Lakes Park is the newest public and rising public park south of Riyadh and has become a favorite place for weekend and holiday promenades.

Supported by the 4As (Accessibility, Availability, Affordability & Accommodation) requirements for a tourism destination, the high crowd attendance of the park goers, picnickers, and promenade is not surprising.

Being at the place alone is something that is enjoying; however, if you want to see the park from its best angles, sides, and sights, you need to get to these three (3) important points:

First Point – Viewing Kiosk

I call this point the raptor’s eye vision point because as you stand at the kiosk, you overlook the entire lakes park from one end to the other, from one side to the other side, and from the hills to another hill across the vast desert lands.

This point, however, is not suited during summer seasons because it’s barely open to the sunlight from sunrise to sunset – no shade of trees or structure. During the winter season, it’s different, because you can stay there for the whole day of your picnic.

How To Get Here

From the Main Entrance along Haeer-Hota Bani-Tamim Road, you come across two (2) roundabouts; the 1st and 2nd roundabouts. You can take both. Upon reaching each roundabout, you will see an access road to the right, and it will bring you to the viewing kiosk.

  • 1st Roundabout - After turning right towards the lakeside direction, you will come across a split point – take the left path and bring you to a kiosk fronting the first water hold of the lake from the western side.

  • 2nd Roundabout – The same take a left turn beside the Comfort Room structure and go straight ahead, but in the end, you will come up into a split point – no worries, whichever way you take, you will end up in a viewing kiosk. The 2nd roundabout leads to three kiosks – each of them has an excellent vantage viewing position.

More images of the Viewing Kiosk:

Second point – Viewing Veranda

You can find the viewing veranda located at the main park entrance before rolling down the car to the lake park side. The viewing deck offers a fascinating view of the park. From the camping ground at the eastern end of the park to the biggest lake and the promenade park side.

The rooftop deck offers a calming view of the lake, the people enjoying their time. The cars running on the access road and the golden mountains and hills on both sides of the eastern and western portions of the park give a kind of relief that makes your efforts of coming worth every tick of the clock hand.

The lower balcony gives the sights of a 5-star Class Resort. The vigor dates and trees, the sounds of the bird songs complete your imagination of being in a secluded 5-star resort for free.

The lower balcony is also the prayer area of the park. So, you need to come here to perform your religious obligation while at the park to our Muslim brothers. For the carpets – no worries because there are available ones inside the carpet box.

How To Get Here

You need to go straight ahead from the main gate of the Haeer Lakes Park along Haeer-Hota Bani-Tamim road. You will pass by two (2) roundabouts; do not make any right side exit in each roundabout until you see 3rd roundabout with structure-building beside it. That structure is the viewing veranda.

See more images of the viewing veranda:

Third Point – The Middle Part

From the main entrance of Haeer Lakes park, after the 2nd water hold, you will find this point of the park. The good thing to be here is; you are away from the larger packs of the crowd.

The lesser the crowd, the more you have the space to move and do your recreations to enjoy the chance of unwinding.

What you have at this point is a bike lane, benches, picnic ground, and parking spots for your car. Another point you may consider visiting or settling for your picnic:

See more images:

Bridge Point

This point is near the hanging bridge that connects Riyadh to the southern part of Saudi Arabia. Bridge Point is the quietest point of Lake Park because this is close to the western gate.

What you can find and enjoy is this point are:

  1. Green grass farm

  2. Dates Farm

  3. River

  4. Camping and picnic ground

  5. Haeer Lakes Park cave


Neighborhood Park

The neighborhood park is the first park you will arrive at entering the town proper from the entry point where you slide to the right road. It offers amenities for family and group picnickers and a group of overnight campers:

  1. Kiosks – The shaded booths are available for a family picnic. They can do the grilling and other outdoor food cookings.

  2. Benches to sit down.

  3. Carpet grass ground to lay carpets or mat.

  4. Children’s playground

  5. Camping area – an open space beside the park where you can do the overnight camping

  6. Comfort Rooms

See more images:

Haeer Garden

Few distances from the Neighborhood Park and closer to the town proper is the Haeer Garden. It is a beautifully landscaped park designed to cater to the public needs for a place to while away the time outside.

It has the following amenities:

  1. Football court

  2. Jogging and biking lane

  3. Carpet grass ground

  4. Benches

  5. Comfort Room

Both parks offer a fascinating site of the golden open desert where you can watch the sunrise and sunset, do the stargazing at night. For sure, Haeer will be on your list to visit for a weekend retreat with all exciting places.

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