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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The Hidden Valley is slightly a hidden adventure spot with hidden sights because you need to go behind the mountains surrounding it to enjoy more scenic formations and views than what you see at the arrival area.

Quick Facts:

Place/Spot: Hidden Valley

Location: Al Awsat, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Distance from the City Center: 70 km

Travel Time from the City Center: 54 minutes

Distance from the Red Sand Dunes: 9 km

The arrival area doesn’t look much impressive, that’s why many of the first-timers stay only for few minutes. All you need is to go just a bit farther to see the hidden beauties it has to offer to you on visits.

The dump materials at the arrival area turn off the visitors who do not know the hidden sights to see behind the hills.

What to Do

These are what you need to do to see the fascinating sights and formation of rocks and mountains at the Hidden Valley:

  1. Park your car in the parking area

  2. Cross the dry riverbed to the left side of the arrival area

  3. Once at the riverbed, continue walking in the right direction

Watch the above video for additional information

Advancing to the last level may be difficult for you if you are oversized, so the best direction for you to go to the peak is to trek the mountain left side of the arrival area.

After reaching the top, the slope going down to the dry riverbed towards the other side is not difficult anymore.

Then once you get to the other side, it is easier now for you to climb the peak portion overlooking the sides you want to view over the mountain top.

These are the hidden formations and sights that you can see:

How To Get Here

  1. Head the direction going to Red Sand Dune, then from Red Sand Dune, go straight ahead along Al Nisah Road. Approximately 3 km from the Red Sand Dune, you will reach the security checkpoint, and right beside the checkpoint, you need to make a left turn. Approximately 3 km again from taking the left turn, you will now find the Hidden Valley arrival area to the right side.


  1. Picnic

  2. Hiking

  3. Camping Sight Seeing.

  4. Mountain climbing (Free Climbing)


  1. Accessible by any car because it is by the roadside and the road condition is excellent.

  2. Mobile phone and internet signals are perfect, but there are dead spots also.

What to Bring

  1. Drinking water

  2. Foodstuffs enough to last for your stay

  3. I recommend bringing backpack bags to put your water and snack for trekking the heights of the mountain.

  4. Overnight camping needs to bring tents, flashlights, and other illuminating materials during the night.

  5. Firewoods or portable stove for cooking

  • It would help if you got these all before coming here because the nearest small shop you can find is in Red Sand Dune, which is 9 km away.


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