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Updated: Oct 9, 2022


Turning the downbeat into an impressive feat, packaging the mountain of rocks becomes a reason for the people to flock and make the sights into extravagant crowd drawer.

Personally, those are the description I could make for the first time I saw this meandering road at the Al Hada mountain that connects the Al Hada to its neighboring cities of Makkah & Jeddah.

Al Hada zig-zag road may not be the only one of a kind, though, but a feat of human engineering creation you cannot simply ignore.

Click the play button to watch the video taken from the viewing area.

It has been a significant attraction in this part of the town, from the uncultivable rocky mountain to a tourism road terrain. Not to mention the other incredible formation of mountain heights and sights, this engineering feat contributes a more significant part to why Al Hada became a holiday destination.

How to Get to the Place

To get to the position I stayed viewing the road down the rocky hills:

  1. On arrival at the cable car station's front gate, you must move a few distances on the left side (if you are facing the gate).

  2. You will see to the right side a vacation space. Park your car in a secured space; then, you need to walk gradually.

  3. You will see under-construction terraces, meant for turning it into a viewing point or maybe something else. From there, you can now view the road, the cars running, and the valley of the nearby town down the Al Hada plateau.

  4. At the adjacent portion, upper to the terraces, there are possible spaces you can position, but they are private properties, so you need to seek the owner's permission.

  5. If you are a hotel guest at the cable car station, the more you have the vantage position for viewing, the hotel has viewing area.

Best Time to Come for a Viewing

1. Early morning until 8:00 or 9:00

2. The dusk period in the afternoon until the sun hides. The terrain is tricky at the terrace

portion, so you must get out of the place before the night's deep darkness covered

the surroundings.

3. Evening time. The most spectacular sights you will see in the evening time. The cars'

lights running on the zig-zag road and the towns' lights down the plateau sparkle

every corner makes the scene fantastic and fanciful.


  1. Road access is excellent. The viewing spot is at the center of Al Hada town proper

  2. Stores, markets, and shops are easily accessible

  3. Telecommunication signals are perfect.

Things to Avoid

  1. Avoid standing close to the edges –The viewing point is a terrace pavement by the cliffside, so you have to take extra precautions

  2. Taking with you your kids to the viewing area

  3. Getting closer to the rocks where wild baboons are – there are wild baboons in the area; though they are used to dealing with humans, you still need to be cautious.

  4. Staying at the site until evening.

Click the play button to watch the actual ride from the top going down:

Distance from Other Neighboring Cities

  1. From Taif City 23 km 20-minute travel time.

  2. From Makkah 64 km 48- minute travel time

More Images:

Guides: Abdulaziz Aljuaed

Mobile: +966 50 122 6668

Ahmed Aljuaed

Mobile: +966 50 426 5634

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