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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The Tower of Al Qarah is a mountain of sedimentary rocks towering the town in the middle of the vast dates farms, Al Qarah, Al Ahsa Province. It displays the unique formations of rock mounds and gulley from outside or as you drive on the circumferential road around it.

The Al Qarah tower to the Filipino community living in the Kingdom is known as Judas Cave. I asked my guide why others call it Judas Cave. Unfortunately, he does not know why and does not even know that it has another name.

So I did brief research about it and found on Google that the name Judas Cave originated from Filipinos with a theory that in this mountain, Judas Iscariot, of the Jesus’ Disciples, took his own life. But this information is not verified and not official, so the correct name of the place remains; The Tower of Al Qarah.

Al Qarah tower has trenches and chambers that visitors love to explore. It has a natural cave that everyone would love to explore without going far from the city.

As the number of visitors kept increasing, the government developed the place by adding facilities to make exploring inside easier, enjoyable, and fun.

Lightings at the main chambers were installed to see the interior even to the deeper part of the cave and cemented path walks.

My visit was to satisfy my curiosity because I heard enough descriptions. And at the same time present, the other sides have not been presented or rarely presented about the cave, so exploring the cave I did was beyond the usual sights that ordinary visitors could see.


  • Caves

- Land of Civilization Cave is the leading site to visit the eastern side

- Secret Cave is currently closed and not open to the public located on the western side

of the mountain. For additional information about the cave, click here: THE AL QARAH CAVE (

  • Pottery Shop

- The pottery shop showcases the inherent craftsmanship of the Al Hasan in making pots from the clay that the locals have passed through from generation to generation. Clay pots and other locally made handicrafts, souvenirs, and gift items are available for sale.

What To Expect

If you are coming for the usual sightseeing and cave visit, these are what you can expect.

  • Close to the city with the excellent road to drive

  • A food shop is available to feed your hunger after the cave exploring

  • Cottages are likewise available on a first-come-first-serve basis

  • Comfort room facilities are available

  • Amazing façade landscape

  • Adequate parking space

  • Cemented and lighted pathways inside the cave

  • Magnificent view of the city and the vast dates farm plantations

Entrance Fee

  • SR50.00 per person

Use of Camera

  • Use of a Camera inside and outside the cave is allowed. But you need to observe and respect the privacy of other visitors in rolling your camera.

For those coming to explore behind what the cave has ordinarily known, you need to go beyond what the usual cave goers do, and these are what you can expect:

  • Exciting unlighted chambers to explore

  • Opportunity to climb to the top of the mountain cave and see the exhilarating view of the place surrounding the mount Al Qarah.

See other images (Click the arrow slide):

Quick Facts:

Name of the Spot: Al Qarah Cave

Location: Al Qarah Tower or Al Qarah Mountain or Shaba’an Mountain

Al Qarah Town, Province of Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

Distance from Hofuf 15 Km

21 Minutes Travel time

Business Time: From 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Entrance Fee SR50.00 per person

Telephone: 013 598 2888


Mobile: (+966) 059 990 5539

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