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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Lake Asfar or Yellow Lake in English is a lake by the hills of sands in the middle of the vast open desert lands of the Al Ahsa region. The oasis is home to different freshwater fishes and a feeding hub of wild birds, including migratory birds.

Located east of Umran City and 40 kilometers from the City of Hofuf, coming here is among the top exciting trips of the vacation. The journey to Al Ahsa never is completed without a visit to this place, the province's pride that locals proudly present to the visitors. Listed by UNESCO as among the heritage sites and the mystery behind having this body of water in the middle of the desert land is not surprising indeed, and it should be.

Looking at the vast open desert lands and farms, plus the whispers of the winds and the chirping, squealing, and quacking sounds of the birds and the wild ducks, are the spices of the trip that fuel the excitement, pushing the adrenalin rise, easing the tensions of driving the shaky roughness of the road drive.

I tried finding an answer to why this lake was called the yellow lake, but my search yielded nothing to no avail. However, as I stayed there for a few hours during my trip until sunset, I witnessed the gradual changes in the watercolor from gray to yellow as it reflects the sunlight, and that's probably the reason.

The water level changes according to weather conditions; during wintertime, when rainfalls occur, the water rises, and the lake coverage expands, making it difficult to reach the sandhill, which is the main point where excursionists stop.

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  • Watching the water as it turns yellow during sunset

  • Flocks of migratory birds flying and feeding on the lake

  • Fields of wetland grass of different species

Activities You Can Do

  • Off-road driving

  • Dune driving

  • Sand surfing

  • Sunset watching

  • Boating – But you need to bring your raft

  • Birds watching

  • Picnic & overnight camping

Things Prohibited

  • Fishing and birds hunting is not allowed

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Time of Visits

  • During summertime - Early morning before sunrise and as the temperature rises to a searing heat, you need to leave the place. Afternoon time is the ideal time from 4:00 PM.

  • During winter time - All day long could be possible

But it would help if you were watchful when the rainfall occurs because you may not be able to reach the dune as some parts of the track turn to mud.

Car Requirements

  • 4x4 drive with high clearance is the only car type you can drive.


  • Telecommunication facilities (mobile phone & internet signals are excellent)

Things to Bring

  • Drinking water & Foodstuff enough to last for your stay

  • If you are doing a picnic or overnight with your family, much better to bring a tent for the personal comfort of the ladies

  • Make sure to have adequate fuel gasoline in your car.

  • Portable air pump

  • Firewood for the bonfire

  • Lantern lamp or extra car battery for your lightings at night

  • Flashlights

  • Grilling stand

Click the play tab to watch the video on YouTube

Quick Facts:

Name: Yellow Lake

Location: Umran City, Al Ahsa Province, Saudi Arabia

Distance from Hofuf: 40 km (37 min. drive)

26 km Highway

14 Rough road from the Hi-way.

Terrain Condition: Wetland and Sand Dune


It is essential to have a guide who is familiar with the place to avoid the risk of getting lost in the desert.


Mobile: 059 990 5539

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Aug 23, 2023

Great place to visit. You must know the trail well before entering as you can easily get lost or stuck

If you're looking for private tour to the lake/sand dunes, you can contact me +966542820807 ( what's up ) Mahdi

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