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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Quick Facts

Name of the Place: Wadi Lajab

Distance from Jazan: 129 km

Travel Time from Jazan: 2 hours (1h & 58 min)

Location: Katwat Al Ain, Jazan Province, Saudi Arabia

Condition your car for a hard mountain drive. Enter the rocky water passage, walk on the stream inside the 100 meters or more deep canyon, climb the giant boulders, plunge into the water and hike distance, be in the wilderness flocked by the hikers, and listen to the sound of the wilds.

Swim in the natural pool and treat yourself for travel back to when natures were the main facility and utility of the people.

Driving to this place alone will charge your adrenalin with the beautiful sights of the mountain shoulder and top road position. The road curves and the winding up and downs overlooking the green shoulders and ridges make the spirit fly and wild imagination.

How To Get Here

  1. Book a trip to Jazan City, book a hotel.

  2. From outside Saudi Arabia, international flights coming to Jazan are limited. You need to book Riyadh, Jeddah, or Dammam as your entry airport. Then book a domestic flight to Jazan.

  3. If you don’t have anyone from this city, I suggest hiring a local guide to bring you to the beautiful spots in Jazan.

  4. You can drive your car coming to Wadi Lajab on your own, but the risk of getting lost has a high probability since you cannot rely upon the Google directions’ accuracy. This is a mountain area; most areas do not have a signal.

What to Expect

  1. You are winding in mountain roads.

  2. High Altitude driving along the way

  3. Random rainfalls

  4. The moderate temperature during summers.

  5. Cold to frigid temperature during winter.

  6. Foggy surroundings

  7. Be ready anytime to leave the area during rainfall. Because of the danger of a sudden water rise, visitors and hikers should exit immediately.

  8. Wadi Lajab is the catching canal of all the waters surrounding the upper mountains, so everyone has to leave.

  9. You need to park your car in a position where you can drive outright to leave the place.

  10. Park attendants and police personnel are handling the area for assistance in case of any emergency.

  11. It would help if you cooperated with the park and police personnel for your safety.

Car Requirement

  1. It is a must here to bring a 4WD car with high clearance and in good running condition.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Off-road rocky stream driving

  2. Giant Boulders climbing

  3. Swimming

  4. Hiking

  5. Picnic

  6. Nature communing

  7. Photography and videography subject hunting.

Facilities Available

  1. Comfort Room at the parking area inside the park

  2. Comfort Room is also available at the parking area before going down the stream.

  3. At the inner part of the park, no more facility structures are available.

Outfit Requirements

  1. You should be wearing walking shorts, shirts and shoes or sandals fit for rock and mountain climbing

  2. Shoes and sandals shout have the sole that can stand slippery boulders and rocks to avoid sliding.

Things To Bring

  1. Sweaters

  2. Umbrellas or any rain wears

  3. Extra clothes

  4. Drinking waters

  5. Snacks

  6. On your hike, bring the foods and water you may need to last for the trek.

  7. As much as possible, get lighter stuff only.

Your extra clothes for changing after the hikes should be left inside the car.

More Images

Guide: Mr. Fouad Kubaisi

Mobile: +966 55 168 7224

Wadi Lajab Direction,42.8974826,6860m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m21!1m15!4m14!1m6!1m2!1s0x1608083915d23915:0xaa8d93c0986caec5!2sJazan+Port,+Jizan!2m2!1d42.5387138!2d16.8914516!1m6!1m2!1s0x15fce18dedd72199:0xa88fd7f76173d5bb!2z2YjYp9iv2Yog2YTYrNioIFdhZGkgTGFqYiwgV2FkaSBsYWphYiwg2KzZitiy2KfZhiA4NzY2NA!2m2!1d42.9301407!2d17.6048019!3m4!1s0x15fce18dedd72199:0xa88fd7f76173d5bb!8m2!3d17.6048019!4d42.9301407


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