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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Series of water-carved sinkholes are found at the end point of the gulley.

White Canyons is another exciting place to explore in one of the Tuwaiq Mountain points in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Covering a vast area of the mountain range, it has several points to explore so that you will be able to see its hidden beauty treasures. One day is not enough to cover the entire area.

Quick Facts:

Location: Al Moqbel Palaces

Tuwaiq Mountain Range

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Distance: From the City Center of

Riyadh 66 Km

Travel Time: 1 Hour & 10 Min

Distance from

The main Hi-way: 9 Km dirt road drive

From the Berry

Park & Camel Trail: 7 Km


Trekking Adventure

Picnic & Overnight Camping


What to Expect

Expected to see in White Canyons are

· Rock Sink Holes carved by waters for millions of years

· Ladderized/series of sinkholes at the end of the gulley

· Along the gulley, there are the caved-in formation of rock cliff where you can hide from the sun

Suggested Period of Visit

The best time to visit and do the adventure is the winter season.

If you plan to do a whole day picnic, early morning is better to have enough time to explore the place. Then leave the site before sundown because there is no street light along the dirt road.

No worries, as long as you have the basic things you need to bring for overnight camping.

What to Bring

· Drinking water inside your backpack while exploring.

· You should have something to eat while exploring.

· Tent for overnight camping

· Flashlights & lantern lights

· Candle and another open flame lighting at night will not work because of the wind blows.

· Other usual camping gears.


Type of Car to Drive

· Sedan type could manage but just be watchful during the drive.

· Cars with higher clearance are much better, but not necessarily.

Along the gulley, there are points for resting under the trees or under the caved-in cliff to hide from the sunlight.

The place where you need to park the car and

start the adventure.

Visiting White Canyons is not that difficult because the access road is in good condition. It is a rough road but not necessarily a 4-wheel drive car because you are going on a plateau terrain, almost plain.

Below direction is precisely the point I explored during my visit. From the place where you will park your car, you will see the gulley's starting point, go through that gulley, and follow through until the endpoint, a deep drop cliff with a series of sinkholes.

If you wish to advance to the valley below the cliff, you need to find a direction to get down. I cannot point here because I did not go down the valley below.

More Images

See the video for other information:


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