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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

A Mix of Excursion and Buying Quality Perfumes

The lagoon at the back of the processing area and product shop

You would love to stay longer inside the mountain parks because of the striking views that every memory traveler would like to catch. The flowers bloom, the green sceneries, eye-catching sights, the blow of the mountain breeze, the sound of the wilds, and the opportunity to learn something, buy perfumes while unwinding in the mountainside, are all found in Worood Al Shafa.

It was a surprise visiting this factory on my Taif City sojourn. In our conversation earlier, I requested the travel outfit to bring me to any farm and factory for my farming experience.

When my guide Mr. Abulaziz Al Juaed, told me that our first destination is a rose flower factory, I was ecstatic because the visit was according to my request.

I hoped to have a farm tour to the flower farm, but the timing of my visit was not in the flower harvest period. And indeed, I saw rose farms along the way; the plants were all newly pruned. For this, I regretted not making my trip earlier in time of the harvest period. It was a fruitful visit because I learned some basic yet essential overview facts about the rose flowers and oil extraction from them.

For the first time, I drank and tasted the rose water, literally water from the oil extraction process, and saw different cosmetic, hygiene, and beauty products produced by the Worood Al Shafa. All are for sale. Visitors can buy the products right in their store-show room at a gate price cost.

The business owner was not there during my visit, so I could not have a good chat and ask further about farms, factory and the products they produce. The staffs were kind enough to accommodate me and show me around in a pleasant way that made me comfortable moving around.

Business Type

  • Perfume Factory

  • Agri-tourism.

Products Offered:

  • Perfumes, cosmetics, and beauty & maintenance regimens from rose and other ornamental plants flower.

Activities Available

  • Educational farm tour

  • Perfume hopping

  • Sightseeing, and excursion

Important Things to Bring:

1. Enough drinking bottled water

2. Foods and/or snacks

3. Camera

4. Power bank or battery packs for cameras using disposable batteries.

What to expect

Other than the shop and the processing area, it also offers an amiable space for visitors.

  • You can sit down by the constructed embankment beside the lagoon.

  • Watch the picturesque view of the mountainscape, the wild blooms of grasses and trees.

  • Listen to the harmony of the wild bird songs.

  • Chance to have a close encounter with migratory birds feeding at the lagoon

  • During flower harvest season, you will have the chance to be in the middle of the blooming field and smell the fresh floral fragrance. But because of the COVID pandemic outbreak, most farms had changed their policy on visits. In this case, you need to seek the permission of the owner. If they allow you for sure, you will see in the heaven of flowers.

How to Get Here

So easy to get here because the location is right by the roadside. 39 Km from the city center of Taif with a 34-minute travel time.

First-timers traveling without a guide, better to search first the direction via Google.

  • Familiarize the route and landmarks initially before traveling

  • Follow the google direction


1. Road Network - Road conditions are good, asphalted, and cemented.

2. Telecommunication – Mobile Phones & Internet.

Honestly, I did not try using my mobile when I was here, but there are dead spots along the way in the entire area. There are also spots in which signals are excellent. Such a case is typical to any mountain and far-flung places in my experience. It depends only on the location. If you happened to be near the service provider’s tower of the telecom network you are subscribed to; the signal is never a problem. But if not, you need to find a position where your gadget can catch the signal.

3. Gas Station

No gas station near. So, make sure to fuel your car before coming to this area. On a mountainside like this, we cannot expect that to have here.

4. Convenience Store

No mini-store or convenience store deep inside the mountain place. Make sure you have enough water and foodstuffs enough for the whole duration of the visits.

Getting Lost the Direction.

It is pretty tricky when you get lost your way in the middle of this mountain place. Villages and house intervals are far, and only very few are passing the road. It is essential to know the primary Arabic language because the people you might get into for the direction do not know English. But this problem is just a fraction of the benefits you will get in coming to this beautiful place.


To avoid getting lost and maximize the time and easily moving from one place to another, getting a local guide is what I always suggest. But this problem is just a fraction of the benefits you will get in coming to this beautiful place.

For your guide, I recommend connecting with this travel outfit:

Mr. Ahmed Aljuaed at

More Images

Guides: Abdulaziz Aljuaed

Mobile: +966 50 122 6668

Ahmed Aljuaed

Mobile: +966 50 426 5634

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