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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Yamama Gardens and Farms Nurseries is a tropical-like paradise that offers an abrupt transition of sights in the middle of the sea of sands and mountains or rocks in Hafirat Nisah, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia. The swift changes, from the open land to the shaded point and the space to the blooming garden. If you are into the horticulture flower business, fruit farming, and landscaping business, Yamama Gardens Farms and Nurseries are for you.

Coming here is multiple treats in exploring the desert places of Riyadh Province for your trip never will be a dull journey from the time you start steering the wheels to pulling over in front of the farm. Because the moment you start rolling on the desert sides, the adrenalin immediately rushes fast and high as the golden desert sands and hills start greeting your eyes.

Traveling the distance of 150 Km from the city center of Riyadh to Yamama Gardens Farms & Nurseries, visiting here could be a trip to multiple destinations. Because there are tourist attractions, you can add to the itinerary with Yamama Farms as the final destination for the day.

You can also make the trip by running straight from your house to the farm; however, if you have not been to Hafirat Nisah, the scenic sights that this village offers will slow your drive, for you cannot afford to ignore the views in front of you without taking at least a click to your camera.

See the images of the ornamental flowering plants' nurseries:

Click the play tab below to watch the video on YouTube

Places To Include In The Itinerary

(As side trips)

  1. Berry Park and Camel Trail 1 -

  2. Shark Pinnacle Rock -

  3. The Hidden Valley - BLOG | underratedadventures

What to Expect

  1. Experience the desert drive

  2. Enjoy being around the multiple colors of flowers of different ornamental plant species.

  3. Scenic views surrounding the farm

  4. Chance to behold the color blending of green with the golden reddish of Hafirat Nisah.

What to Do

  1. Buy Fresh flowers and plant seedlings

  2. Enjoy walking under the shade of trees

  3. Picnic at the nearby area

  4. Sightseeing

Click the arrow tab below to see more images:

Plants Available

  1. Different species of ornamental & flowering plants

  2. Perennial flowering trees for parks landscaping

  3. Fruit Trees


  1. Accessible by any car

  2. Mobile phone and internet signals are excellent

See more images of the magnificent views on the farm here:

Quick Facts

Facility Name: Yamama Gardens Farms and Nurseries

Classification: Private Farm

Nature of Business: Selling of landscaping plants and seedlings.

Location: Hafirat Nisah, Riyadh

Distance from the City Center of Riyadh: 153 Km

Open to Public: Connect with them for arrangement

Open for Buying: Connect with them for arrangement

Contact Number: +966551133644

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