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Source: Website, Department of Home Affairs
Immigration & Citizenship
Government of Australia

Source: Website, Department of Home Affairs
Immigration & Citizenship
Government of Australia

The Australian government issues different visas to foreign nationals:
• Visitors Visa
• Study & Training Visa
• Family & Partner Visa
• Working & Skilled Visa
• Refugee and Humanitarian Visa
• Other Visas
• Repealed Visas


Visitors Visa:
Provide as much proof as you can to show you are visiting Australia as a temporary visitor only. This could include:
• proof you have enough money for your stay and to leave Australia, such as personal bank statements, pay slips, audited accounts, tax records or credit card limit.
• a letter from your relative or friend in Australia, inviting you to visit. The letter could state:
o their relationship to you
o the purpose of your visit and length of stay
o if you will be staying with them
If this person will be paying for your stay, provide proof of their funds.
• your plans while in Australia
Proof that you have reasons to return home such as:
• a letter from your employer stating you plan to return to your job
• proof that you study at a school, college or university in your home country
• proof that you have immediate family members in your home country
• proof that you can return home
• proof that you own a house or other major assets in your home country
Identity documents
Provide the pages of your current passport showing your photo, personal details and passport issue and expiry dates.
Also provide:
• a national identity card, if you have one
• proof of change of name, if applicable, such as:
o a marriage or divorce certificate
o change of name documents from an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, or the relevant overseas authority
o documents that show other names you have been known by
For complete and accurate details and information, and to apply for a visa, visit the website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs Immigration and Citizenship by clicking below link:


This website,, does not have anything to do with the actual visa process application and does not require any payment. You should do the actual transaction with the embassy and the other duly commissioned entities facilitating the process. Nobody from is authorized to collect payment or any form of solicitation. Always observe proper safety measures online and avoid falling prey to any online scams.

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