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Austria is a Schengen member country, for which holders of valid Schengen visa may enter Austria from any other Schengen member countries.

Austria is a Schengen member country, for which holders of valid Schengen visa may enter Austria from any other Schengen member countries.

Documentary Requirements in Applying for a Visa
Source: Website, Federal Ministry, Republic of Austria
In general, supporting documents have to include a German translation at the request of the Consulate. When submitting English language documents, a translation into German is not required. Please contact the responsible Consulate directly to clarify the need for an appropriate translation of the documents into German.
In principle, the following supporting documents and information are necessary:
• A fully completed and personally signed application form
• Passport photo according to ICAO criteria (colour, 35x45 mm)
• Passport (at least 2 free pages, not older than 10 years, valid for at least three months beyond the duration of the applied for visa)
• Recording of biometric data in the form of fingerprints if not collected within the last 59 months in the course of a decision on a Schengen visa application (ten fingerprints, taken with flat fingers and digitally recorded)
• Copy of the passport data sheet (the page on which the photograph is located)
• Copies of previous Schengen visa
• Proof of the means of transport (reservation OR booking; presentation of a paid ticket is not required)
• For travel by car: Driving licence, green insurance card, registration certificate
• Travel, health and accident insurance (minimum coverage € 30,000, including repatriation for medical reasons) valid for the Schengen area. Family members of EEA citizens and Swiss citizens exercising their right to freedom of movement are exempt from this obligation
• For visiting trips, an informal letter of invitation may be presented
• If the applicant cannot provide proof of sufficient own financial means: eight-digit ID number of the Electronic Declaration of Sponsorship (the inviter can submit an electronic declaration of sponsorship to the police department locally responsible for his/her place of residence)
• Certified power of attorney from parents for underage children travelling unaccompanied by parents
• Evidence of the applicant’s economic, family and social roots in his or her home country (e.g. ownership of property in the country of origin, employment, confirmation of studies, pension entitlement, proof of family ties)

Business trips:
• Invitation signed by the inviting Austrian company on company paper in the original (or company fax/mail to the Consulate), stating the purpose of the trip, dates of travel, name and date of birth as well as the passport number of the person invited
• Proof of employment (if required)
• For self-employed people: Excerpt from the company register or similar document
Airport transit:
• Copy of visa for the onward journey (if required)
• Copy of flight tickets
For accurate details in visa application entering Austria, please visit the website:

To check the requirements in Schengen Visa Application, follow this link:


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