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How to submit a visa application :

• Go through the visa pre-screening process (A valid email address and mobile number are required)
• Allow 2-3 working days for the Visa Office to respond via email
• Once all the required documents are digitally submitted, wait for a confirmation email

• For visa type-E and C applicants, once you have received the confirmation email from, you can mail your visa application via UPS/FedEx (recommended) or USPS, or submit it in-person by requesting an appointment via email or phone call.

• For visa type A and B applicants, you can skip STEP 1 and mail in or drop off your application by following the instructions and requirements below.
For complete information click here How to Get a Visa to Cambodia (


This website,, does not have anything to do with the actual visa process application and does not require any payment. You should do the actual transaction with the embassy and the other duly commissioned entities facilitating the process. Nobody from is authorized to collect payment or any form of solicitation. Always observe proper safety measures online and avoid falling prey to any online scams.

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