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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

A taste of simplicity living in a country.

If I were to choose a place to live with natural serenity, with a touch of simplicity and peaceful community, this town is undoubtedly a top choice. Accessibility to essential services and utility are all here. I see nothing less to complain about and nothing to ask for more. I had this impression for only more than an hour I stayed at the town center. How amazing it was seeing the people knowing one another and a neighbor that cares for the others.

We were on the way to Wadi Lajab when our car had engine trouble, so our guide could not do anything but call for a rescue from his peers. While waiting, I had the chance to see how people got so acquainted with one another; everyone knows each other.

The town has a unique landscape of mountain heights and ridges. The road views as you drive from the city of Jazan are a big plus treat on your trip as you roll down, climb up and move on the shoulder slope of the mountains overlooking the multi-color sceneries of farms, trees, and rocks. Al Reeth is a small town in a mountain area of Jazan Province, Saudi Arabia.

My video only shows you the road coming here and part of the town's exhilarating sights that I captured while we were on standby, waiting for the substitute to the car we were riding because of the mechanical trouble.

Al Reeth is 110km away from the City of Jazan, and this is the town that you are going to pass by on your way to the Black Mountain, Wadi Lajab, and Jabal Al Qahar.

Quick Facts:

Name: Al Reeth

Jazan Province, Saudi Arabia

Distance from Jazan City: 112 Km

Travel Time: 1 Hr 30 Min

Source of Income: Agriculture, Commerce & Tourism

Climate: Tropical Climate

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