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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The green mountains and flickering white and beige sugary-fine sands on its shorelines and beach areas are just a few of its unique topographic characteristics that make the island distinctive from the rest. Basot island possesses a profuse potential in the tourism business not just in the municipality or province but in the entire Philippines.

The eastern paradise in the Province of Camarines Sur on the coast of the West Pacific. It is among the Caramoan’s outer islands east of the mainland and southeast of Lahuy Island. It belongs to the barangay Daraga in Lahuy.

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The raging ocean waves on the eastern side beaches and the susurrate of the wind breezes from the expanse of the open ocean charm every visitor to stand atop the mountain looking around the flickering cotton-white waves from the middle of the ocean rushing to the shore make you glued on the ground as you stand on the mountain looking over the scenic views around you.

Basot Island is another perfect choice for a complete island hideaway. Far from the mainland and the city but close to the community, yet away from the crowd.

Situated at the outer skirt of Caramoan, Basot island also plays a significant role in marine transportation as it holds the Guinahoan Lighthouse to warn the maritime traffic of the imminent danger of getting stranded in the shallow part of the ocean.

The Guinahoan Lighthouse has since become an attraction here on the island. The visitors are allowed to visit the lighthouse and have the chance to see the open ocean water of the Pacific and the enchanting beaches on its eastern shorelines.

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Quick Facts

Name of the Place: Basot Island

Location: Southeast of Lahuy Island, Caramoan, Camarines Sur,


Distance from the Mainland: 20 Km Approx

Travel Time: 1 hour to 1 hour & 15 min. from Bikal Port of Caramoan during

low tide

1½ hours or more during high tide and rough sea period.


  • Guinahoan Lighthouse and viewing area

  • Charming beaches

  • Crystal-clear seawater

  • Raging and rolling waves from the Pacific Ocean

  • Exhilarating sights around

Best Characteristic of the Place

  • Peaceful, with accommodating and friendly residents

Activities You Can Do

  • Swimming

  • Sunbathing

  • Island Hopping

  • Sightseeing

Tolls and Fees

  1. Docking Fee = P50.00 this amount is collected as payment for the docking of the boat.

  2. Entrance to the lighthouse = P20.00 per person

  3. Guiding Fee = Voluntary/donation – You have the option of whether to get a guide or not. There are kids around volunteering for their guiding service, and after the tour, you may give them a tip.

How to Get Here For solo travelers, here are my suggestions of things to do before traveling to Caramoan:

  1. Scout first a hotel, tourist inn, or any lodging facility that will cater to your needs according to what you intend to do during your stay in Caramoan.

  2. If you want beachside accommodation, you need to verify with the hotel if they are on the beachside or not.

  3. Ask the hotel to recommend a boat to rent for your island hopping—also a land transport service for your tour around the mainland of Caramoan.

  4. Naga City is the take-off point to Caramoan, so ride the aircon van vehicles. Never try riding the ordinary bus; otherwise, be ready to suffer all the inconveniences to experience beyond your imagination. An aircon van will take you 3 hours ride from Naga City, which is convenient and enjoyable. While ordinary will end up 6 hours ride, like what I had experienced, it would make you never feel about returning to Caramoan.

  5. The aircon vans to Caramoan are standing by at SM Naga City.

  6. Tell the aircon van driver to drop you at the hotel you booked as a guest. They will bring you there.

  7. Upon your arrival at the hotel, start discussing with the hotel staff your plans for renting a boat and door-to-door motorcycle services for hire to recommend the people they know are safe to ride with and responsible.

  8. For the boat rental in the island hopping, somehow, they can help you join with another group staying in the same hotel; you can give your share for the rental if ever, and it will save you from spending the higher rental cost.

  9. Anticipate that the accommodation rates in Caramoan make no difference and sometimes, to some extent, are higher than the hotel rates in Manila (standard hotel). The rate comparison I am after is based on the room size, facilities, and amenities. I booked a standard room in one of the tourist inns for P1500.00 per night plus taxes. But I was amazed when I realized that the room was almost half the size of the room in a standard hotel in Manila I stay in whenever I travel to Manila and need accommodation at the same rate. A small room just enough to fit a single bed, small bathroom, and without even a mirror and a shelf to put your stuff. Not all the hotels maybe are in the same terrible condition, but I am putting this on note based on my experience in that hotel.


  • No existing hotel or lodging, and no concrete support facility structures.

  • Mobile phone and internet signal; there are networks with good signals but there are also poor to no signal.

Ideal Season for a Visit

  • Summer seasons are the ideal period to visit. The island is on the Pacific coast, and during the summer seasons, the sea is calm most of the time.

  • During rainy seasons, you need to avoid when there is low pressure coming or typhoon signals because the sea is rough. Although going to Basot Island the sea route is between and close to several islands along the way, extra precautions for safety should be considered first and foremost.

Here are additional facts that you need to know

From the Town Proper to Bikal Port

  1. Distance: 4.6 Km

  2. Travel Time: 4 – 6 minutes

  3. Public Transport Available: Tricycle, motorbike ride

From Bikal Boat Terminal to Basot Island

  1. Main Port of take-off – Bikal boat terminal

  2. Distance: 25 Km Approx.

  3. Travel Time: 1 hour Minutes during low tide and 1⅟2 hours or more during high tide

Unfortunately, there is no regular boat passenger trip coming to this point, so you need to rent a boat from Bikal Port. Boat Rental Cost For the island-hopping boat rental, the price for the whole day is P2500.00

  • The boat's maximum capacity is 12 passengers.

  • But, following the municipal tourism rules for safety, each boat is limited to 8 passengers, excluding the crew.

  • More than eight passengers, you need to rent two boats.

  • Passengers should all be provided with a life vest by the boat operators.

  • You can arrange the boat rental at the Bikal port/boat terminal.

How To Get Here Visiting Lahey from the mainland of Caramoan has several points of take-off:

  1. Bikal Port – The main port

  2. Paniman Port – Alternative port

  3. Tabgon Port – Alternative port

On my way to Basot, Bikal port was my take-off point, and I learned that most passengers were using this port for their daily trips to Basot and other islands nearby. Islands and Places To Visit Lahuy Island

Please click the arrow tab to see images of of Manlawi Sandbar, Isla Soledad and Sitio Nipa:

Other Islands & Places

The itinerary will depend on your arrangement with the boat operators.

Road Networks

  1. No roads connecting the Basot to other barangays or other places.

  2. The only way to get to the other barangay is through boat rides.

Utility Services

  1. No source of potable water supply.

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