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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Isla Soledad is an island resort with two different ocean waves mood: tranquil on one side and splashy to rough waves on the other side of the resort. So, the guests have the luxury of choosing which condition of the sea they want to plunge into: the eastern side with exciting waves rushing in calm weather that get rougher during the windy season or whenever there is impending nasty weather. At the same time, the western side gives you clear, calm seawater that allows you to see the ocean bed under its crystal-clear water.

On the 1 hour and 20-minute boat ride from the Bikal Port of Caramoan you will find the Isla Soledad in Sitio Bogtong of Gogon, Lahuy Island, Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines with a beautiful island tip beach area. Sugary-fine beige sand takes your breath away as you watch the blue ocean water rush to the shore, creating a splashing sound that goes along with the hiss of the ocean breeze.

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The Isla Soledad Resort is at the tip of the Lahuy southern side, shaded by the coconut palms, making the place look perfectly covered to keep you away and protected from the searing sunburn heat.

Away from the noise and hustle-bustling sound of the city traffic, you can experience a complete feeling of an island escapade. Just unfortunate that the COVID-19 outbreak prompted the resort to close, so, during my trip to this part of Lahuy Island, the resort was in a hibernation state.

For the time being, all you can do here is include the place in your island-hopping activity, roam around the resort, enjoy the site and leave for your next island stop.

Isla Soledad means the Island of Loneliness in English; however, once you get to this island, you will realize it’s the other way; it is Isla Felicidad instead.

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How To Get Here

Visiting Lahuy Island from the mainland of Caramoan has several points of take-off:

  1. Bikal Port – The main port

  2. Paniman Port – Alternative port

  3. Tabgon Port – Alternative port

On my way to Lahuy, Bikal port was my take-off point, and I learned that most passengers were using this port for their daily trips to Lahuy and other islands nearby.

Here are some quick facts that you need to know:

From the Town Proper to Bikal Port

  1. Distance: 4.6 Km

  2. Travel Time: 4 – 6 minutes

  3. Public Transport Available: Tricycle, motorbike ride

From Bikal Boat Terminal to Lahuy Island (La Isla Soledad)

  1. Main Port of take-off – Bikal boat terminal

  2. Distance: 22 Km

  3. Travel Time: 1 hour & 15 minutes during low tide and 1⅟2 hours or more during high tide

Unfortunately, there is no regular boat passenger trip coming to this point, so you need to rent a boat from Bikal Port.

Bikal boat terminal/Bikal Port

Boat Rental Cost

For the island-hopping boat rental, the price for the whole day is P2500.00

  • Boat's maximum Capacity is 12 passengers

  • But, following the municipal tourism rules for safety, each boat is limited to 8 passengers, excluding the crew.

  • More than eight passengers, you need to rent two boats.

  • Passengers should all be provided with a life vest by the boat operators

  • You can arrange the boat rental at the Bikal port/boat terminal.

Islands To Visit

Lahuy Island

  • Manlawi Floating Cottages

  • Gogon Mangrove Area

Other nearby islands

  • Cotivas Sandbar

  • Guinahoan Light House

  • Basol Island

  • Batibagan Island

  • Bageing Island

  • Hapunan Island

Depend on your arrangement with the boat operators.

Road Networks in Lahuy Island

  • The road networks in Lahey Island are only within each barangay.

  • No roads connecting the four barangays or the entire island.

  • The only way to get to the other barangay is through boat rides.

Utility Services

  1. No source of potable water supply.

  2. The drinking water supplies are from the mainland, but bottled waters are available in mini-stores in each barangay.

  3. Water for washing and bathing is available, but you need the patience to fetch water from the open pit wells.

Communication Access

  1. There are areas with excellent mobile phone and internet signal

  2. But there are areas with poor signal or dead spots.

What To Expect On the Way To Isla Soledad

  1. During high tide, the sea trip may go well but expect a slower run because of a strong current and waves the boat needs to deal with along the way.

  2. During low tide, the trip may go faster, but the skippers would take extra precautions to ensure that the boat would not skid to the ocean floors because there are plenty of shallow areas on the way to Lahuy.

  3. Traveling at a low tide would allow you to see the ocean floors with corals and seaweeds and the sudden drop in the water depth of the underwater escarpment.

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