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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Dreaming of experiencing being cast away but afraid of getting isolated? Durokoy Island is a perfect place for you. It only takes 20 minutes away from the mainland to reach this tiny island located north of Salvacion, Siruma, Camarines Sur, and halfway to Botawanan Island.

A group with a maximum number of 50 persons could fit on this island for a whole day, overnight, or a few days camping.

This island is a perfect choice for your dream of enjoying in isolation for a moment because it is small, elevated, and shaded with full-grown trees and coconut palms. Excursionists would enjoy an outdoor activity without getting burnt by the searing sunlight.

You can do the traditional outdoor grilling or cooking under the trees and experience living back the time without using stoves and electric lights at night. Feel the soft ocean breeze while swinging on your cradle, and hear the splashing sounds of the waves as they bang into the rocks ashore. The squawking wild docks and ocean birds will complete nature’s props to feel the real core of an island escapade.

You don’t need to worry about a feared sudden surge of the waves or even the normal high tides because the island is a small mountain island.

Quick Facts

Name: Durokoy Island

Location: Salvacion, Siruma

Area: 900sqm approximately

Height: 15-20m approx.

Travel time from the mainland: 20 minutes.

Facilities Available

1. Cottages made of light materials,

2. Comfort Rooms

3. No- Electricity

4. No Water Supply

Activities You Can Do

1. Overnight camping

2. Whole day picnic

3. Swimming

4. Very light trekking

5. Stargazing at night


1. Accessible by boat from Salvacion barangay proper

2. Mobile phone signal is a bit poor to sometimes no signals

Things To Bring

1. Foods stuff

2. Drinking water

3. Cooking pots

4. Firewoods

5. Disposable cups and plates and spoons

6. Kerosene lamps or battery-powered lanterns (for staying overnight)

7. Sleeping bags

8. Other personal stuff

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