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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Just like any other mountain in the southern regions of Saudi Arabia Jabal Al Baydah is a mixed place of hiking, unwinding, and learning. Here you will have the chance to look back and realize how the early residents lived with old houses relic and the ways of highland farming and livestock herding which until now still practiced by the farmers despite integrating to modern ways and technology.

Overnight camping and a whole day picnic on top of the 2,300-meter mountain height is inexplicably spellbinding. Feeling the cool breeze of the ridges, touching the fogs during winter times, the soothing ear sound of the wild birds, and panoramic sights is a kind of experience that rarely happens unless you are into an intense trekking habit.

Quick Facts:


Location: Shafa Mountain Range, Ash Shafa, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia

Distance from: Taif City, 35 Minute Drive

Ash Shafa Center, 20-minute drive

Altitude: 2300 - 2400 meters above sea level


1. Old Stone House

2. Mountaintop Viewing area

3. Jabal Al Baydah Stone Cave

4. Orchard and Rose Farm

Images of the Old Stone House (Click the slide arrow)

The old stone house where the farm owner and his family lived before moving to the city. Nestled at 2300 meters above sea level makes your usual picnic and camping extraordinary.

Mountain Top Scenic Images:

At Mount Al Baydah, you can have those experiences; you don’t need to experience sliding in a steep, horrified by a rolling stone while climbing and other nerve rocking and risky engagement because the place is accessible by any car.

If you recall the magnificent sights seen when I presented Jabal Daka, Mount Al Baydah is one of the opposite mountains surrounding Jabal Daka.

Jabal Al Baydah is a combination of farming, trekking, and tourism spot. Wanting to commune with nature, immersion to a farming community way of life, spelunking, and simply sunrise and sunset watching, you can have them all here.

Images of the Stone Cave:


  1. Mountain driving

  2. Picnic

  3. Overnight camping

  4. Sightseeing

  5. Mountain trekking

  6. Farm visits and tour

Types of Farm to visit

  1. Orchards

  2. Rose and Flower farms and orchards

  3. Livestock Farm


  1. Transportation – Accessible to any car

  2. Telecommunication – STC has a 3G signal while other networks do not have or poor signal.

Images Of The Orchard & Rose Farm:

Guide: Ahmed Alhumailan

Mobile: +966 50 002 8287

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